Émilie Desgagné

Camp Diary: Boseko Lokombo Already Found His Bearings

May 22, 2019 | Émilie Desgagné
Boseko Lokombo – Loko or Bolo for those in the know – is starting his fourth training camp as a pro. His third in the CFL. Throughout his career, our linebacker bounced from place to place; from ...

Khari Jones Says His Leader Is Among Us

May 20, 2019 | Émilie Desgagné
It was not a dream. Our Alouettes took part in the first practice of 2019 this afternoon after a postseason that threatened to last forever. Donning our brand new team colours, all players under ...

Training Camp Diaries: Enrique Yenny From Mountain to Sea

May 18, 2019 | Émilie Desgagné
At home, in Mexico, he played in front of crowds of 5,000 people. It’s not quite the 25,000 seats that surround the field at McGill Stadium. Resting on the player’s bench after his first practice ...

Training Camp Diaries: Samuel Thomassin’s Childhood Dream Coming True

May 17, 2019 | Émilie Desgagné
Training camp. A much-awaited, yet often sometimes dreaded moment. Think about it, it’s two weeks of intense work on the field and in meeting rooms, from 8 am to 10 pm, sometimes even later. It’s ...

Longevity will be a determining factor for the 2019 Draft

April 30, 2019 | Émilie Desgagné
The 2019 CFL Draft starts Thursday at 8 pm and our team of scouts, led by alumni all-star Miles Gorrell, is prepared to make the most of it.

Draft Stories

April 26, 2019 | Émilie Desgagné
Whether they were drafted down south or in the CFL, the guys all have great draft stories that they’ll never get tired of telling. Here are a few.

Jeff Mathews’ NFL Mock Draft

April 25, 2019 | Émilie Desgagné
We caught up with QB Jeff Mathews to get his NFL Draft projections. The Montana-native insists he’s got nothing on analysts, but we figured he’d know a thing or two.

Train like an Alouette

April 18, 2019 | Émilie Desgagné
The term off-season should be abolished. Let’s call it prep-season considering players workout just as much, if not more, than from May to November.

The Alouettes intend to take root in Montreal’s major business areas

April 12, 2019 | Émilie Desgagné
“In the 1980s, the Alouettes left Montreal and only returned in 1996 when the Baltimore Stallions moved up North. Therefore, there are two generations of Quebecers who did not grow up with our ...