Montreal – The Alouettes Foundation was created through the initiative of former President Mark Weightman based upon the constant desire of the organization to reinforce its presence in the community.

Since the team’s return to Montreal in 1996, the Alouettes have been involved with youth by supporting several programs to fight the school dropout rate. These efforts are continuing and are intensifying with the creation of the Alouettes Foundation to be headed by Annie Larouche who has been with the organization since 1996, and has held several positions within the club as well as managing all aspects of the Montreal Alouettes cheerleaders. Active in the community, she is also involved in the Alouettes Alumni Association by coordinating its activities.

The mission of the Alouettes Foundation is to promote education by working to reduce the dropout rate among adolescents and young adults.

“Community involvement is an integral part of our DNA. It is with a tremendous sense of pride and honour that I launch the Alouettes Foundation today. By our actions, our presence and our financial support, we are pleased with the contribution of our Foundation to develop youth both in classrooms and on the football field,” said former Alouettes President and CEO, Mark Weightman.

In the coming months and years, the Foundation will ensure further implementation and development of the Alouettes “Together at School” program, as well as granting financial support and material foundation to projects, programs and events that primarily support education and amateur football in Quebec.

The Foundation will also count on the support and active participation of the Alouettes Alumni Association. “Our involvement is a natural for us. As an organization, the Alumni Association has always been passionate about the cause of young people and we are proud to contribute to the expansion of the Alouettes Foundation. I am convinced that tomorrow’s leaders will benefit from this combination of forces,” added the president of the Alouettes Alumni Association, Ian Mofford.

“50/50 (Half and Half)” presented by TELUS at McGill’s stadium!

Among the Foundation’s initiatives to raise funds, the team have launched the “50/50 (Half and Half)” presented by TELUS. The money raised through this initiative (supported by BUMP50:50) support the Foundation’s programs.

The Alouettes held their annual Golf Tournament on September 26 at St-Raphael Golf Club. Event proceeds went to the Alouettes Foundation.

“Together at School” with the Alouettes

Together at School is a community outreach program supporting high school students in the greater Montreal area.

The Alouettes have been active in Montreal schools since 1998.

The players visited 110 schools in 2016, reaching out to over 45,000 students.

The Alouettes players involved in the program for 2016 included: Kyries Hébert, Tyrell Sutton, Kristian Matte, Luc Brodeur-Jourdain, Marc-Olivier Brouillette, Martin Bédard, Philippe Gagnon, Jean-Christophe Beaulieu, Seydou Haidara Jr., Jean-Samuel Blanc et Anthony Coady.

Players taking part must first undergo 32 hours of training from specialists in the field of mentoring and counseling in order to be best equipped to help the students.

New to the program since 2013 is a French language component where the players will receive French lessons in order to further interact with the children they will visit. The weekly French classes will run through the end of April.

The program’s main goal is to encourage kids to stay in school while focusing on a wide array of challenges that students face today, ranging from bullying and academic performance to peer pressure and the importance of staying active. The players look to inspire and motivate the students they meet to make the right choices and to reach their full potential through hard work and dedication.

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