The Best is Yet to Come

6 hours ago | Émilie Desgagné
2019 has been one heck of a roller-coaster ride. A busy, fun and entertaining ride filled with ups and downs, driven by one constant: the appreciation for Khari Jones. The minute he was given the ...

Série Montréals – Episode 7 – Boris Bede and Tony Washington at Surmesur

November 14, 2019 | montrealalouettes.com
Our pretty boys Boris Bede and Tony Washington got themselves custom suits made thanks to Surmesur in this very last episode of the Montréals series presented by ...

The fans album

November 13, 2019 | montrealalouettes.com
  You didn’t go unnoticed this season! Check out our album to see if you’re in there!      

Words from Media Day

November 12, 2019 | montrealalouettes.com
What. A. Year. Our players addressed the media to discuss the spectacular season we had together, against all odds.   “There are so many positive things to remember. Khari did an ...

The 2019 Montreal Alouettes: a team to remember

November 10, 2019 | Émilie Desgagné
In the words of my friend Geno Lewis: “This one hurts, it hurts a lot.” Seeing warriors shed tears and hug each other like they did after losing to Edmonton earlier today is absolutely ...

How well do you know the Alouettes playoff history?

November 8, 2019 | montrealalouettes.com
Do you remember all the great moments we had a as a team? Answer this short 5-question survey to test your knowledge!

When Passion Leads the Way

November 7, 2019 | Émilie Desgagné
Here we are, days away from our first playoff game since 2014. Great challenges await us as we prep to take on the Edmonton Eskimos on Sunday.

Muamba and Wieneke nominated for Most Outstanding Canadian and Most Outstanding Rookie in the CFL

November 7, 2019 | montrealalouettes.com
The Canadian Football League announced its finalists for the year-end Most Outstanding Player Awards.

More than 20,000 fans expected for the Eastern Semi-Final

November 7, 2019 | montrealalouettes.com
The Montreal Alouettes announced the removal of some of the banners that cover closed sections of Percival Molson Memorial Stadium, and the release of an additional 1,600 tickets

Long Read: The rapid rise of Khari Jones

November 6, 2019 | Chris O'Leary
Khari Jones is unlike any other coach in the CFL. He saw bigger things for his team and he was determined to take them there.

Defensive end Gabriel Knapton back with the Alouettes

November 6, 2019 | montrealalouettes.com
The Montreal Alouettes announced the following transactions on Wednesday. Player added to the practice roster: Gabriel Knapton (A), DE, Wyoming Knapton (6’3”, 265 lbs.) returns to ...

L’ailier défensif Gabriel Knapton de retour avec les Alouettes

November 6, 2019 | montrealalouettes.com
Les Alouettes de Montréal ont annoncé les transactions suivantes mercredi. Joueur ajouté à l’équipe d’entraînement: Gabriel Knapton (A), AD, Wyoming Knapton (6’3”, 265 ...

Where, when, how and why? The East Division semi-final explained in three easy steps!

November 4, 2019 | montrealalouettes.com
It’s possible that you weren’t following the Alouettes’ exploits this season. We won’t hold it against you. Well, at least not too much. What’s important is that you’re with us in the upcoming ...

Série Montréals – Episode 6 – Will Stanback and Gallant

November 4, 2019 | montrealalouettes.com
The story of the Warrior Helmet told by two true fighters, Gallant and Will Stanback, in the latest Montréals episode presented by TELUS. The helmet was put up for auction to benefit the ...

How to Gear Up for the Playoffs

October 29, 2019 | Émilie Desgagné
You don’t get to attend a playoff game every day! It’s a special moment that requires a minimum of preparation, so we decided to help you find everything you need to the best fan our guys could ...

Become a Warrior!

October 29, 2019 | montrealalouettes.com
In partnership with TELUS and Canadian Tire, the team is putting up the warrior helmet for auction in support of a great cause! The helmet, which was handed to the most outstanding player of ...

October 29 Transactions

October 29, 2019 | montrealalouettes.com
The Montreal Alouettes announced the following transactions on Tuesday. Player added to the practice roster: Donald Hawkins (A), OT, Texas Marcellus Pippins (A), CB, Washington State Player ...

Série Montréals – Episode 5 -Vernon Adams Jr x 514 Braids

October 28, 2019 | montrealalouettes.com
Patience is key, whether it’s when waiting for your shot or getting your hair braided. TELUS presents the newest episode of the Montréals series featuring Adams Jr at 514 ...

3 things to watch for in Saturday’s game versus the Ticats

October 25, 2019 | Émilie Desgagné
Does this game even mean something? Yes, yes it does. Tomorrow, Saturday, October 26 at 1pm, our Alouettes will be taking on the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, the team that’s been dominating our division ...

Under the Helmet of Jake Wieneke – A Family Affair

October 23, 2019 | Émilie Desgagné
Ask any athlete to tell you what the key factors to his success are and he will likely answer that, above all, the support from family, friends and fans has the biggest impact on his performance. ...