Auditions for new Alouettes dance team

Montreal, February 1, 2024 – The Montreal Alouettes announced Thursday that their cheerleaders will place more of a focus on on-field dances in 2024. Starting today, Studio Innova Danse will lead the Alouettes cheerleaders, which will now be called the «Montreal Alouettes Dance Team». The organization wants to follow industry trends to continue to offer fans a quality show. The Quebec dancing scene is filled with talent and creativity.

Studio Innova Danse, which opened in 2015, is known for its excellence in the world of dance and entertainment. Joëlle, Lili-Pierre and Noëlle-Émilie have been working in the dance industry for 25 years and have acquired experience as choreographers but also as dancers. All three were Alouettes cheerleaders for many years. Their students have won several awards and prizes in Quebec, Canada, and the United States. The success of the studio is due to their great passion for dance and their quality teaching.

The three founders led several of their dancers to perform at various events and television shows (Revolution, Masked Singers, Bell Centre and Netflix with Mathieu Dufour, Star Academy, National Day, etc.). One of their groups, Clique, reached the final of the popular television competition «Revolution» and participated in 2023 and 2024 tours across Quebec. They will surely offer a variety of dance styles for the enjoyment of fans both young and old. Montréal is a dynamic city where dance plays a central role, and this collaboration aims to raise our dance performances to new heights while strengthening our ties with the community.

However, cheerleading will remain in the spotlight at Percival-Molson Stadium, because we want to continue to work with the Quebec cheerleading federation, as well as with the best teams in the region to present shows during our games.

The Alouettes dance team is an integral part of community involvement and will continue to participate in community events to meet fans.

This development marks an exciting new chapter for our organization and reinforces our commitment to excellence in all aspects of sports entertainment.


The Montreal Alouettes invite all passionate and talented dancers to participate in the Alouettes dance team auditions. Whether you are a dancer or a passionate athlete, this opportunity is open to all. The Alouettes want to build a mixed, inclusive team that reflects diversity.

• Date : Jeudi 8 février 2024
• Heure : De 20h00 à 21h15
• Lieu : 7 Montée Robert, Saint-Basile-le-Grand, Qc, J3N 1L7
• Tarif : 20.00$ taxes incluses
• Lien d’inscription : https://www.qidigo.com/u/Studio-Innova-Danse/activity/20828/group/257392