Ian Mofford, president »

Ian Mofford is a former Grey Cup champion wide receiver and running back who played nine seasons in the Canadian Football League, winning two Grey Cup Championships.

Mofford, a Notre-Dame-de-Grâce native who played for Monklands High School and the Verdun Maple Leafs, began his CFL career with the Montreal Alouettes, playing 6 seasons and 79 games (up to 1979) and won 2 Grey Cup championships, in 1974 and 1977. He later joined the Ottawa Rough Riders for one season, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers for two seasons, and returned to the Als in 1981. His last year was 1982, when he played 4 games for the Montreal Concordes.

Mission »

The Alouettes Alumni Association’s objectives are to prepare the active players for life after football and support them in their career transition, to support the development of sport and encourage young athletes and sports development programs that stimulate academic success.

Composed of former players and employees of the Montreal Alouettes, the ever-growing Association is taking bold initiatives and together, the members continue the tradition by being involved socially.

The Association is chaired by Ian Mofford who is supported by a board of directors.

Social involvment »

The Alouettes Alumni Association maintains the tradition by being involved in the community and helping young athletes.

In 2008 the Association joined forces with FIDA (Fonds d’Investissements et de Développements Athlétique) and is proud to offer financial assistance to this organization that awards bursaries to young students who distinguish themselves by their academic performance, their athletic potential and personality, to realize their full potential and pursue their personal development.

In 2009, the Tony Proudfoot Impact Award was created and this trophy is now awarded annually to a member who stands out for its contribution to the Association, football in general and his community.

In 2011, the Association donated the proceeds of its annual golf tournament to FAEQ (Fondation de l’Athlète d’Excellence du Québec) whose mission is to provide financial assistance and support for student-athletes in their pursuit of excellence and contribute to the promotion of role models in Quebec society.

In recent years, the Alouettes Alumni Association has awarded more than 20 bursaries for a total of nearly $ 50 000 for young athletes who distinguish themselves in school.

Events »

Fans, partners and members of the Alouettes Alumni Association have the privilege to meet several times a year during fundraising activities. The purpose of these activities is to raise funds to provide scholarships to athletes who stand out in school or to allow the Association to highlight the involvement or the exploits of our members and create a fund ‘relief for our former players.

Golf Tournament

The Alouettes Alumni annual Golf Tournament has been a long tradition and is the main event where nearly 175 golfers take part each year. Proceeds from the tournament were donated to two organizations that support student-athletes in their pursuit of excellence which are, FIDA (Fonds d’investissement et de développement athlétique) and FAEQ (Fondation de l’athlète d’excellence du Québec).

Poker Tournament

Following a wildly successful launch in 2009, the Alumni Association has decided to make the poker tournament an annual event. The tournament annually attracts more than 125 players.

Alumni Dinner

The Alumni dinner is an opportunity for all those who proudly wore the Alouettes’ uniform to meet again and allows the Association to annually honor a member. In 2009, the Tony Proudfoot Impact Award was created and this trophy is now awarded annually to an alumni member for continuing contribution to the Association, football in general and his community.

Legends Breakfast

During the 2008 Grey Cup in Montreal, the Association hosted the Legends Breakfast at which the jersey of the great Hal Patterson was retired. Among the numerous Alouettes’ Alumni in attendance that day were Sam Etcheverry, Larry Smith, Glen Keeble, Tracy Ham, Tony Proudfoot, Gabriel Grégoire, Mike Sutherland and Angelo Mosca. CFL greats in the room included Michael Clemons, Matt Dunigan, Hector Pothier and Danny McManus.