March 12, 2020

The weirdest combine questions

Young college players participate in several events during combines. Whether in the United States or, here, in Canada, the hopefuls submit themselves to a series of tests allowing scouts to evaluate their prowess. From the 40-yard dash to the bench press, each one of these tests brings out different physical abilities. The toughest one, however, may just be the plain old interview. But that’s because the questions being asked are not-so plain.

Scouts come up with all types of odd questions to ask candidates, sometimes to trap them, sometimes to learn more about their personalities or just to lighten up the mood. Here are a few examples that might make you chuckle.


  • “Where did you buy your suit?”Christophe Normand
  • “What’s your favourite donut flavour?”Eric Deslauriers
  • If you could choose between buying a car or hiring a chef, what would you do?” – BJ Cunningham who quickly answered he’d choose the car since he knows how to cook.
  • “What would you bring to a brawl?”Christophe Normand
  • “If you were a fruit, which one would you be?”Jean-Gabriel Poulin who said a banana because he’s very versatile…
  • “What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator with 1,000 cockroaches?”Shaquille Murray-Lawrence
  • Byron Archambault was shown one of his worst coverages and asked why he had only dropped back two yards instead of 10 like he was supposed to. Byron stayed calm and simply replied that it was the play following his sack on Hugo Richard. Brutal.
  • “Do you know how to change a tire?”Geno Lewis
  • “With speed like yours, would you like being a cheetah?” Mario Alford


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