March 1, 2020

What, Where, When and How Much? Make Sure You Secure Your Seats for 2020!

Players might not agree, but we, as fans, are ready for the season to start! And you must feel the same way! Make sure you’re ready for when our Alouettes return to McGill Stadium by checking out the variety of products available.

Remember 2019 and its spectacular wins? Yea, 2020 has the potential to be even better. You won’t want to miss a beat!


2020 Memberships

⏰ Available: now
💵 Price: starting at $17 per game + taxes

If you already know you’ll want to catch ALL the action next season, don’t waste your time or money. Invest in a season membership. In addition to getting the best deals on tickets, you’ll benefit from discounts at the official store as well as food stands, exclusive member privileges and you’ll be seated at the same spot every time. That’s ten games starting at $17 per game. Talk about a great cost/fun ratio!

Flex Pack

⏰ Available: now
💵 Price: starting at $18 per game + taxes

Our Flex Pack is probably our best-kept secret. It might seem complicated, but, in reality, it’s the most convenient product ever.
Basically, you select a 6 or 10-ticket pack and then decide when you want to use it throughout the season. No catch, no pressure. You can literally do what you want with your seats, whether it’s using them all for the same game or attending various showdowns throughout the season. Plus, when you get a Flex Pack, you save 20% on the price of single game tickets.

Budweiser Friday Night Lights Pack

⏰ Available: March 9
💵 Price: starting at $18 per game + taxes

We’ve got three Friday night games scheduled at McGill Stadium this season. That’s three nights of awesome entertainment and, of course, $7 Budweiser beer. Attend each one of our parties – July 17, August 21 and September 18 – starting at only $18 a game. It’s a great way to keep track of our record all the while taking advantage of our beautiful summer nights at the bottom of the mountain!

Single Game Tickets

⏰ Available: April 13
💵 Price: starting at $20 + taxes

Every year, this is the moment most of you are waiting for: the day we launch our single game tickets. This time around, a presale exclusively dedicated to our most loyal fans will start on April 13. Therefore, if you follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or if you receive our newsletters, you’ll get the opportunity to pick your seats before the rest of the world. If you think you might forget the date and won’t be following us that day, no problem. Sign up now so we can send you the promo code by email.

Kickoff Pack

⏰ Available: April 27
💵 Price: Price of Home Opener + Up to 50% off tickets for game #2

You’re planning on attending our Home Opener? But, seriously, who are you kidding? We know you’ll want to come back for the following game! And that’s exactly why we created the Kickoff Pack that includes tickets for our first two home games scheduled on July 2 and 17. But here’s the twist: you save up to 50% on the price of tickets for game number 2! Not sure what you had in mind to kickoff summer, but this has got to be better.