March 30, 2020

The 2019 season review: October 12, slippery surprise in Winnipeg

We continue our 2019 season review with the game of October 12.


Saturday October 12 2019,
Final score : 34-25


Our Alouettes arrive in snowy Winnipeg on Saturday, October 12 in high spirits from a thrilling win that secured their spot in the playoffs. The Bombers, on the other hand, are still bitter about their loss to our spectacular comeback three weeks ago and are eager to get their revenge.

It’s just the beginning of fall, but it feels like winter in Calgary, as the first snowstorm of the season is hitting the Prairies. It had been snowing for two days when our men landed and the weather was so poor that we weren’t even sure if the game was going to happen. Fun fact… it was Antonio Simmon’s first time battling it out in ice cold weather!

With their spot in playoffs already secured, our Alouettes’ goal now is to take advantage of the last few regular-season games to best prepare for the Eastern semi-final: try out new plays, make mistakes, tweak things here and there, and learn from it. The clock starts and the Bombers get to work immediately … our rivals are clearly hungry for a win that would snap their three-game losing streak. Andrew Harris and Chris Streveler don’t give our defence a chance to stop them and before we know, they cap off their first offensive drive with a 16-yard touchdown.

Montreal bounces right back with a Bede 3-point field goal, followed by nothing less than a touchdown by kick returner Mario Alford, making him the first returner in Alouettes history to score a touchdown at each one of his first two games. 10-7 Alouettes. The Bombers get their lead back in the second quarter with another touchdown and at halftime, it’s 15-10 Winnipeg.

On our first offensive drive of the third quarter, Adams Jr connects with Wieneke for another touchdown… 17-15 Montréal. Just as we get our lead back, Winnipeg strikes again with 4 field goals in a row. Our Als were trailing behind by 14 points. Our men are fighting and the Bombers are making made big plays in critical moments. More than halfway through the fourth quarter, Taylor picks off Vernon Adams Jr.’s pass to Jake Wieneke in the end zone, and our rival land… you guess it… another touchdown. Despite a last-ditch effort by our men that results in a touchdown with 32 seconds on left on the clock, we don’t have time to climb all the way back up. The Bombers get the win. 34-25.

Not our most triumphant game, but a good learning opportunity for our Als who will attempt to bounce back next week as they go head to head with the Argos.