October 15, 2019

The Alouettes Fan Range of Emotions

You haven’t attended one of our games yet this season? It’s about time you made your way to the stadium then!

Here are five emotions we promise we’ll have you feeling this Friday, October 18 as the team takes on the Toronto Argonauts.



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Many fans have told us they needed pacemakers after watching our games. Let’s just say the guys have been delivering pretty exciting performances and they tend to make impressive comebacks in the fourth quarter. We’re like your favourite sports movie – yea, the one about the underdog that comes out on top -, with a different storyline every week.

2. Relaxation

Don’t worry though, there are some less stressful moments throughout the game. You’ll definitely get a chance to catch your breath from time to time, fill your lungs with the crisp fall air and snap a few pics of the cheerleaders or the guys on the sidelines. Of course, we expect you to share them all on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and everywhere else!

3. Pure Joy

Look at that happy family! It’s always a good time at the stadium and, this season specifically, the atmosphere is incredibly special. We are witnessing the revival of the team and it shows in the stands! Whether you attend the game with your friends, family or significant other, you’ll create memories that’ll last forever.


OK, truth be told, a football game is quite long. With this one being on a Friday night, there’s no doubt you’ll be hungry by half-time if not as soon as you walk into the stadium. All good, we got you! We have everything you need from classics, like pizza, hot-dogs and burgers, to unusual snacks like creole poutine. Thirsty? Take advantage of the Budweiser Friday Night Lights promo of the year to get your $7 beer!


You might not be on the field, you have more power than you think! All the noise that you make when the opposing offence is on the field is unsettling and it truly gets our defence fired up. All the players have said it: your presence matters. Let’s pick it up where we left it at the last home game: bust out your trumpets, phones and loudest chants!


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