September 1, 2019

How to be a Great Alouettes Fan

So, you’ve come to a couple games, loved it, yet still don’t fully understand what’s happening on the field? Or you’re about to attend your first game and have no clue what to expect? Here’s a quick guide that will surely help you become a pro football fan (or at least pretend like you know something about the game).

The Dress Code

• We strongly suggest you wear the team’s colours (red, white & blue). Definitely no orange, no yellow and no green.
• If you don’t have anything appropriate in your wardrobe, swing by one of our stadium stores to snag our latest gear. We have a brand new logo and it’s dope!
• You can also choose to borrow your dad’s, your aunt’s or your neighbour’s vintage Als jersey. That’s cool too.


The Noise

• Make as much noise as possible. Like you should hardly be able to speak the next day.
• Come with your buddies to make even more noise. *Beer can also help with that*

• However, WATCH OUT, there are times when you should NOT scream:

  1. When our offence is on the field (that’s the unit with the quarterback), scream only when the play is done. You don’t want to disrupt the playcalling.
  2. When the opposing team scores a touchdown, makes an interception (that’s when they steal the ball from us), gets a first down or makes any good play: DO NOT CHEER.

• When our defence is on the field, please scream your lungs out. You do want to disrupt the opponent’s playcalling.
• When the Alouettes get a penalty flag you can always scream in disagreement, as long as you remember to stay relatively polite.
• You should know the lyrics to the song “J’aime les oiseaux” by Yann Perreau. It’s our touchdown song. We plan on playing it as often as possible.


The Rules

• First, this is not the NFL. It’s better!

  1. There are 12 players on the field here versus 11 in the NFL. The more the merrier.
  2. CFL fields are bigger: 10 yards longer, 12 yards wider and the endzones are double the size. We all know bigger is better.
  3. Our goal posts are directly on the goal line.
  4. You might have heard that the CFL is crazy fast. That’s partly because the guys only have 3 downs, instead of 4, to make a first down.
  5. The defensive line needs to line up one yard behind the line of scrimmage (the imaginary line where the ball is placed).
  6. When a kick occurs, the player who is catching and returning the ball has what we call the five yards of immunity. No other player can tackle him within that space.
  7. Also a reason why our game is so fast, the guys only have 20 seconds to snap the ball rather than 40. OK, it’s a little more complicated than that, but bottom line is you have to get moving faster.

• Second, this is not soccer, there are many different ways to score points.

  1. You can catch the ball or run with the ball in your hands in the endzone and score a touchdown for 6 points. Then, you kick the ball for an extra point. Or, instead, you can decide to go for 2 points by either throwing or running the ball into the endzone again from your 2-yard line.
  2. If unable to reach the endzone, you opt for the field goal. In other words, you ask Boris Bede to kick the ball between the two yellow posts for 3 points. In the event he misses (don’t worry, he’s good, he won’t), the opposing team can try to run with the ball and return it for a touchdown.
  3. When a player gets tackled in his own endzone, it’s called a safety and it gives 2 points to the team on defence.
  4. Lastly, a single point is awarded when any type of kick (except a successful field goal or a kickoff that goes out of bounds without hitting any obstacle) goes all the way through the endzone, or when a player puts a knee down in his own endzone. If you are confused by this rule, please consult an experienced fan.

• Fair warning! The orange flags thrown on the field are not called tissues. The referees don’t have a cold! They’re penalty flags signaling that a foul has occurred.

  1. Listen carefully as the head referee announces what the penalty was given for, to whom and for how many yards.
  2. Revert back to the section about noise if you don’t remember how to adjust your reaction.

The Breakdown

• Show love and encouragement to our players because they give their everything day in and day out to put on a great show for y’all.
• Follow the Montreal Alouettes on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with all the team’s activities.
• Wear our colours proudly outside of the stadium as well.
• Use #ToujoursGame when posting the awesome pics you take at our games.
• Smile, have fun and enjoy this beautiful game we call football.