February 7, 2020

Q&A With the Coaches

Our coaches were in town last week and fans took the opportunity to send us all sorts of great questions. Here are some interesting answers on what to expect in 2020.


  • What type of running back would you like to see replacing Will Stanback?
  • Personally, I want a big guy. A guy who can break tackles and always find himself in a positive position, gain forward yards, and get us close to a first-down. A solid, robust running back.

    Clearly, André Bolduc got just what he wished for in James Wilder Jr.

  • What were the most important lessons you learned in 2019 and how will you use the off-season to prepare for next year?
  • Throughout the season, Bob Slowik had to adapt to the fast pace of the CFL. He admits having learned a lot of lessons.

    I learned so many lessons. I learned that I wasn’t quite ready for the CFL, but the players and the coaches helped me along the way. The most important thing is you need to have very solid pass rushing in the CFL.

  • The best type of defence is the one that limits the opponent’s time of possession. How do you plan on achieving that?
  • Our Defence Coordinator’s answer is simple: more turnovers, more sacks. That’s how you manage to keep your rival off the field.

  • Considering last year’s results, expectations are now higher. How will you manage them and make sure you bring our Alouettes to the next level?
  • After stunning the league in 2019, our Alouettes will have to find new ways to surprise their opponents. We won’t settle.

    We can’t live on what we did last year. We can use it to our advantage and say hey, the guys who are coming back know how to win games, know what it takes to be a pretty good team. But we still have to be better than that. We can’t be satisfied with what we’ve done in the past. We have to come up with something extra and it starts in training camp.”

  • How did you react to Danny Maciocia’s nomination and how do you plan on working with him moving forward?
  • Our HC quickly understood the positive impact a local guy, like Danny, who truly has the Alouettes to heart, could have on the organization. As a matter of fact, the two have known each other since 2005 and Khari says, so far, the communication with his new boss has been very good.

  • Will Hugo Richard have the opportunity to fight for the second QB spot?
  • Although he understands why Quebecers are excited to see their local product play, Khari, who was once a pivot in the CFL himself, reminds fans how long the road to becoming a starter or even a backup at that position can be.

    It takes time. Look at Vernon Adams who was one of the best college quarterbacks I’ve ever seen, but he’s been released, he’s been a third-string quarterback, he started last year as our fourth-string quarterback and, then, built himself up and got himself where he is now. If Hugo wants to take those steps, I’m all for it. Just like Vernon, if Hugo keeps showing he can do the job, he’s going to get the opportunities.