April 11, 2019

A Football Glossary to Brush Up on Your French

English dominates the world of football, of course. In locker rooms, in Montreal like anywhere else, Shakespeare’s language is heard much more often than Molière’s. As a matter of fact, Luc Brodeur-Jourdain has been translating his amazing Quebecker jokes in American slang for nearly a decade.

But, here, at the Alouettes, we ensure all of our products are offered in both official languages. French is at the heart of our identity. We constantly switch for one language to another.

Take a look at a very short version of our glossary to expand your knowledge of our lingo.


Antiglare smudge Noir sous les yeux, bandes adhésives antireflet
Backfield Champ arrière
Buttonhook pattern Tracé en crochet
Carries Courses, portées
Deep threat Menace en zone profonde
End zone Zone des buts
First down Premier essai
Ground game Attaque au sol
Hardnosed-player Joueur agressif, tenace, dur, énergique
Interference Obstruction
Jump pass Passe en suspension
Knock down the ball Rabattre le ballon au sol
Line of scrimmage Ligne de mêlée
Man to man coverage Couverture homme à homme
No huddle offence Attaque sans caucus
Open field tackling Plaquage en poursuite
Play action pass Feinte de course et passe
Quaterback sneak Faufilade du quart
Roughing Rudesse
Sam linebacker Secondeur du côté court
Two points conversion Converti de deux points
Uprights Poteaux verticaux, montants
Walkthrough Entraînement léger
Yards Verges
Zone coverage Couverture de zone