Consignaction Continues The Adventure

“Consignaction is delighted to renew its partnership with the Montreal Alouettes for the 2023 season. Our refundable container system was introduced at the Percival-Molson stadium 17 years ago. Since then more than 4.5 million containers have been recovered and recycled, enough to cover a distance of approximately 875 km or the length of 8,000 football fields. It’s a great environmental success story,” says Normand Bisson, President and CEO of the Quebec Beverage Container Recycling Association and head of Consignaction.


About Consignaction

Consignaction is a national programme that offers various initiatives to encourage consumers and businesses to recover single-use soft drink containers and facilitate access to various recovery facilities. The organization reports to the AEBGQ, which brings together beverage producers involved in the recovery, reuse, recycling and reclamation of beverage containers. The AEBGQ is responsible for implementing the modernized deposit system.