Women of the Alouettes

Especially when it comes to teamwork, it can be intimidating to fit in, and you don’t want to get noticed for the wrong reasons.  We can’t afford to make as many mistakes, so I’m always setting the bar higher. If I aim for higher goals and I fail, I will still be above what I expected. But we’re on the right track, and that’s kind of why I’m doing my women’s leadership course!

– Mélissa Beauchesne 

When I joined the Alouettes, we were all women in the finance department, even though the company had an uneven male/female ratio. Yet I always felt fulfilled and comfortable in the company. It’s inspiring to see more and more women getting involved in the field. We have to decongest this industry. There are plenty of women who are interested in sports and deserve a place.

– Kathleen Sauvé

Coming straight out of university and into the sports industry, I was in uncharted territory. And in that kind of situation, you can quickly start to doubt your own abilities. When that happens, I remind myself that where I have my feet, I belong. No one deserves to be here more than me.

– Camille Perrin-Ridgway

I’ve always looked at where I can make the biggest difference with my talents. I have been open to non-traditional roles where I can have a big impact and where I can learn a lot. Never let anyone ‘scare’ you out of a job. The road to the top is often very winding. For women in male-dominated fields, that road can also be very bumpy. But if there are no more seats at the table, bring a folding chair, darling!

– Maria Motta

Sport has always been an important part of my life. Having played flag football for over 10 years and growing up with two older sisters, I have had the privilege of being surrounded by strong female role models who have helped me become the person I am today. Since joining the Alouettes in early October, I have had the privilege of feeling very welcomed by everyone.  I have never been looked at differently because of my gender, but rather as someone who knows the sport and is there to contribute to the team. I hope that one day this will be the case for all women in sport. Happy International Women’s Day!

– Allyson Sobol

I’ve always worked in a rather masculine environment, especially in sponsorship, but I’ve never been apprehensive because I learned very quickly how to deal with it. It’s part of our life when you’re a woman in a professional environment to learn to transform yourself and then take action. It’s true that you can’t change everything, but the way you look at things makes a world of difference. This is what makes us fearsome players on the field.

– Laurence Cusson

Having worked for over 11 years in a typically male environment, I would say that women play a very important role. The male gender is not what it used to be, it values our opinion and gives us what we deserve. I even think that working in a male-dominated environment can be very beneficial and rewarding. In the past, it was more difficult for women to progress in their work. But today we are standing out more. We have come a long way to prove that we can also do the same work as our male colleagues, and it is an honourable journey.

– Jessie Cyr