November 16, 2021

5 reasons to come to the last home game of the season!

It will be Christmas before time, which means that the 2021 football season will soon come to an end. Since we don’t have much time left with you, we want to take advantage of the last home game of the season against our Eastern rival to show our appreciation for your unconditional support! Here’s what’s in store for you this Friday Night Lights!

1- A home playoff game at stake

With our guys delivering breathtaking performances so far this season, it’s no wonder you’re getting fired up in the stands! Friday’s game will be no different, although this time the guys will not only be playing for a win but also for a chance to secure a home playoff game. Should the Ticats lose to Saskatchewan on Saturday, and we win on Friday, you will have a unique opportunity to see your Alouettes play one last time at the foot of the mountain this year…

Stay tuned… More details to follow!

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2. Beer at 9$!

What better way to jump-start the weekend than by attending a Friday night football game! Why watch it on TV when you can watch it live right? Gather your best friends and come cheer on your favourite football team while sipping on a tasty-cool beer! Plan ahead and order them now at a discounted rate.

Don’t forget to stay hydrated folks!

3- A special for the students

Calling all students! We know how hard you all work, especially at the end of the semester… That’s why we’re offering you a special discount on your tickets so you can unwind for an evening!

It starts at 18$ a ticket and ends in a nearby bar!

4- *Drum roll please*

Friday’s halftime show will be presented by D-Line Drumline and they are offering a classic of American football… This Quebec group of drummers will set the field on fire with rhythms that will make you bounce on the spot! Don’t go far during the halftime show, it’s going to be a blast!

5. It’s just a goodbye…

Yes, we have secured our place in the semi-finals, but as we said earlier, there is a 50% chance that Friday will be our last home game… If so, Friday will be the time for you to come and cheer the guys on for the last time in 2021. They want nothing more than to hear you support them in the stands to end their season on a high note and you know they deserve it!

See you Friday! Tickets here.