November 5, 2021

Playoff scenarios

Match des Alouettes de Montreal contre le Rouge et Noir d'Ottawa au Stade Percival Molson le 11 Octobre 2021. Photo: Dominick Gravel / Alouettes de Montreal

Our Alouettes will take part in the 2021 playoffs and it’s the first goal achieved for Khari Jones’ team! Of course, we don’t want to stop here, but let’s just say that for the moment it’s quite complicated to guess what the 2021 playoffs will look like, especially in our East division, so we’ll try to shed some light on the different scenarios…

The Alouettes top of the East if…

Well, this one is pretty straightforward; it’s, unfortunately, impossible to finish first in our division considering the remaining games.  Still doesn’t matter because we’ll beat them at home in the division final.

Alouettes second in the East if…

We win the last two games of the regular season a.k.a Saturday against Winnipeg and then next Friday the 19th against Ottawa, both at home. Hopefully, either Toronto or Hamilton will lose their next two games (knowing that they play each other this weekend…).

If that happens, we would be playing the Eastern semi-final at home against either Toronto or Hamilton… not too bad!

Alouettes third in the East if…

We don’t win our last two games. In the event that we finish 3rd in the East Division, we will have to play either Toronto or Hamilton in their backyard for the Eastern Semi-Finals.


No matter where or against whom, our guys will be ready for these playoffs. We have shown this season that we can compete against any team and we are aiming for the highest possible finish to this exciting season. In the meantime, we expect you to pack up the stadium for the last two home games of the regular season because these guys deserve it all!

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