July 31, 2021

Little guy, Big game ; Greg Reid is a human missile

Football. You expect a battle, me too, Reid, three.

You’ll recognize him as our very own human missile and a flat-out playmaker, this defensive back isn’t the biggest or the most physically imposing athlete on our roster, but, when we need a spark, Greg Reid is always the catalyst.

My energy is just constant when I play football. It’s natural. It’s not a switch that turns on and off, when it’s on, it’s on.

The Valdosta, Georgia native signed with the Montreal Alouettes in 2018 and appeared in three games as a CFL rookie, making 16 tackles and one interception. The 30-year-old hit his stride in 2019 as he became a key player on our team. I

I’ve been playing football for a while now. I know what it takes to win.  So I’m ready to step up and do whatever I have to do to lead my team this season.

Leader, he shall be.  With only seven defensive players from the 2019 Alouettes roster back in 2021, that meant our defensive coach had a complex puzzle to work through heading into training camp. Fortunately, veterans like Reid were on hand to sustain the inspiration…

I try to coach them (the rookies), but the group we have this year is smart. They don’t really need to be coached, so I just try to give them support and little bits and pieces when I’m there.

If Reid made himself accessible to our newest players during camp, it’s because he is in the best situation to give a valuable input in the team’s defence plays.

The five-foot-nine, 190-pound defender made his mark in 2019 when he was voted a CFL all-star following an incredible season. Think about his 71 defensive tackles, his 10 knocked down passes, three interceptions, one forced fumble and one recovered, safe to say you can put Reid among the CFL leaders in that category.

If I’m playing well and my teammates are playing good also, then this will lead us to the Grey Cup this year.

Reid’s a playmaker who always seems to be around the ball. With his quickness and exciting play style, this player didn’t get the title of a veteran in the CFL because of good fortune. He is constantly working on his craft and skills to become a better player and knows better than to take anything for granted until the final cuts are made.

I feel like every day is a threat, so I have to prepare myself. I am training to progress and put my team in a good position to rely on me. I stay focused on my techniques and game strategies.

As such, newcomers to the opposing offence will have to be wary of Reid and his crew if they want to stay in shape throughout the season.

Without the preseason games, it’s hard to predict how the rookies who bolster our defence will react under pressure and in the face of adversity. At least we can count on Reid to keep them on their toes…

I want to see a lot more interceptions, bigger plays for the defence, more touchdowns, more sacks and just a lot of guys flying around the ball. That’s what you’ll see from our defence this year.

The Alouettes revamped their defence this season with new players, a new system, and a new coach. Now that training camp is over and the shortened season is fast approaching, veterans like Reid will be counted on to lead their respective positions.

Following the latest statement that 15,000 fans will be allowed to attend our home opener on August 27, Reid admits that it can only be beneficial for the defence to have Montreal by their side…

On one hand, having them there to distract the opposing team’s quarterback is good for us, but also to see the crowd involved, having fun, laughing, and smiling, that’s what we need to get a hot start to the season.

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