May 22, 2020

Our Players’ Favorite Montreal Restaurants

It probably does not come as a surprise to hear that football players eat. A lot. These guys could probably chow down more food in one meal than most people could eat throughout an entire day. Whether they want to refuel after a tough practice or enjoy a celebratory feast after a victory, our guys are spoilt for choice with Montreal’s incredibly diverse food scene.

The COVID-19 pandemic hit the city’s restaurateurs fairly hard, forcing many joints to close down temporarily. Fortunately, several reputable spots are still open for takeout and delivery, and now more than ever we want to highlight the importance of supporting local businesses.

We asked a few of our players to name some of their favorite eateries that you can still order from. And if you’re not sure what to get, our guys shared their go-to meals!



Ma Poule Mouillée / 969 Rachel St E, Montreal

Without even consulting each other, all three highly recommended stopping by “Ma Poule Mouillée, located on the Plateau Mont-Royal, to pick up some of their delicious Portuguese chicken. Félix and John usually go for the classic chicken meal, but JS Blanc has a soft spot for the poutine with chicken & chouriço. And don’t forget to grab a few natas for dessert!


FoodChain / 1212, Avenue McGill, Montreal

When he wants a nutritious meal on the go, Jean-Gab likes to grab a salad from FoodChain. “It’s healthy vegetable-based fast food”, he says. He like to switch things up, so he doesn’t have a go-to order, he just get whatever he feels like having that day!



If you didn’t know, DJ Lalama is a real foodie and has tried his fair share of restaurants in Montreal. He couldn’t choose a favourite, so here are two of his top picks:

Okane sushi / Multiple locations around Montréal: Brossard, Downtown Montréal and Mont-Royal

Okane sushi is DJ’s top spot for sushi. He usually gets the Wonton soup, the Shrimp Tempura roll, the Dynamite roll, the Kamikaze roll and the Boston roll.

Il Focolaio / 1223 Place Phillips, Montreal

If you’re craving the taste of Italy, Il Focolaio is the place to go. It serves up wood burning oven pizza using ingredients made fresh daily that only a true pizzaiolo would use. DJ’s go-to order is the Il Focolaio salad, Phillips pizza, and cannoli for dessert, of course!



Weinstein & Gavino’s / 1434 Crescent St, Montreal

Located in the heart of downtown Montreal, W&G is another great Italian restaurant according to Geno. He always gets the chicken or shrimp Alfredo. “It’s unbelievable”.



Our veteran defensive end has been living in Montreal for a few years now (12 to be exact), so he knows his way around the city’s food scene. Just like DJ, he couldn’t narrow it down to only one favorite, so in addition to Ma Poule Mouillée, here are his other top recommendations:

Shandmas / 2727 Ontario, Montreal, Quebec H2K1X2

If you want your taste buds to take a trip to the Caribbean, look no further! The griot and chicken plate is a must, according to John.

Brit & Chips / 1390 de Maisonneuve West, Montreal and 433 Rue McGill, Montreal

You can never go wrong with fish and chips, especially when it comes from Brit & Chips. The menu was created by a team of Montreal’s preeminent experts in English cuisine and food culture, which results is an amazing mix of the best that Britain has to offer, with a little Québecois spice. John go-to order? Cod & chips with a side of popcorn shrimp.



La Belle et la Bœuf / Multiple locations around the province

When he wants to treat himself to some great burgers, Martin’s favorite spot is La Belle et la Boeuf. His usual order is a Captain Flame burger with a Syndicate poutine. A big meal for a big guy!



Pamika / 901 Sherbrooke St E, Montreal

Pamika is our star receiver’s go-to Thai restaurant. Its menu features a wide array of delicious authentic Thai plates, and Jake’s all-time favorite is the pineapple fried rice.