August 20, 2018

August 24 Will Surprise You!

There’s a lot we still don’t know about Friday, August 24… like who will play under centre, for example! But who doesn’t like a good surprise?!

What we do know, however, is that it’ll be an entertaining Budweiser Friday Night Lights. Here’s why:

1.It’s All About Diversity!

Come celebrate what makes us so beautiful and strong, here, in Montreal: diversity! Be proud, show your colours, come to the stadium repping what it is that makes you who you are. #RepYourRoots #DiversityIsStrength

Trivia fact: Did you know that the first Afro-American man to play professional football was an Alouette? Read Herb Trawick’s story and listen to his son’s testimony at half-time.


2. We’re Facing the Toronto Argonauts…

For the first time of the season! The nostalgic crowd will get a chance to see SJ Green at work, while the most up-to-date fans will be eager to watch our remodeled offence go against a Toronto defence that seems to be struggling since June. Antonio Pipkin showed us what his arm could do in Edmonton on Saturday… now if the receiving corps can adjust to his execution speed, we could get our first win at home!

(Or will it be brought to us by Johnny Manziel?) Tum, tum, tum.


3. TELUS Is Spoiling You!

Come early! For the $7 beer, of course, but also because TELUS agents will be handing out bells at all stadium entrances. You’ll be geared to make the Argos offence lose its focus! Ha !

We mentioned TELUS and you thought: “Oh, right! I had to get a phone case (or a Google Home, or a Bluetooth speaker)!” Perfect timing! The bell actually comes with a discount on accessories! The coupon is exchangeable at TELUS stores.

P.S. Speaking of our partners, did you notice the Mise-o-jeu kiosk in the Bier Garden? Check it out, test your football IQ and get a chance to win seats in the Mise-o-jeu suite.

4. It’s More Than a Ball Game!

Win or lose, the organization always makes sure to provide fans with a load of entertainment. The cheer team ALWAYS shows up. Did you see its acrobatic prowess during the breaks? It’s hella impressive!

Even the national anthem will be awesome! Random Recipe will be there to perform a beat box version of it. That’s something you don’t hear every day!


5. We Have Friends at the Weather Network

Clearly, Mother Nature is on our side this year! It’s the last game before school starts and the sun will be out to get the party started! How about a nice evening by the mountain with the kids? Routine will settle in sooner than later anyways.


Get your pack or single tickets now! We can’t wait to see you!