November 23, 2011

Bob Wetenhall receives honorary McGill University degree

Team owner Bob Wetenhall was bestowed with McGill University’s highest honour Monday. (Photo: Tim Snow)

MONTREAL – In recognition of all he has done for the city of Montreal since becoming the owner of the Alouettes back in 1997, Bob Wetenhall was granted McGill University’s highest honour as part of the school’s fall convocation ceremonies at Place des Arts on November 23.

The honourary degree of Doctor of Laws is a testament to the pivotal role played by Wetenhall in the redevelopment of the Montreal Alouettes and the accompanying expansion of McGill University’s Percival Molson Stadium.

“Upon becoming the owner of the Montreal Alouettes, Bob Wetenhall began demonstrating the characteristics of determination, honesty and incredible vision for which he is known to us,” said McGill Principal and Vice-Chancellor Heather Monroe-Blum. “One of his earliest decisions was the re-location of the Alouettes from Olympic Stadium to Percival Molson Stadium, beginning his typical role in the successful redevelopment of the Alouettes as Quebec’s team.

“Despite being a newcomer to our city and our country, his remarkable ability to forge relationships with communities in Montreal and rekindle a passion for sport in Montreal allowed him to revitalize the game of football,” continued Monroe-Blum. “Mr. Wetenhall not only brought football back to Montreal and built a championship team for which all Montrealers can be proud, he has also restored and expanded McGill’s stadium, improving its infrastructure for the betterment of Montrealers and for McGill students and our athletic programs.”