Introducing Alouettes mobile tickets. Say goodbye to hectic races at the printer and enjoy a more secure and hassle-free way to manage your tickets.

This year, your tickets will be available exclusively through your Alouettes portal, which can be accessed from any computer or mobile device.


1. Visit your Alouettes Portal

Go to on your smartphone.

If it’s your first time accessing your portal, click on FORGOT PASSWORD to receive a new one by email.

NOTE: Make sure you entered the same e-mail address as the one associated to your Alouettes account.

QUICK TIP: We suggest you bookmark the portal page for quick access!

2. Access to your tickets:

Select your game from the list of upcoming events or by clicking on EVENTS in the drop-down menu to see the complete list of games you’ve purchased.

3. Select the game and get your tickets:

Click on the VIEW TICKETS  icon to generate your tickets as a QR code that will be scanned at the door.

IMPORTANT: You cannot take a screenshot of your tickets, it will not work.


How to transfer my tickets

1. After selecting the game you can’t attend, click on the TRANSFER button

2. Select the seats you wish to transfer, enter your guest’s contact information and voilà! Please note that as long as the transfer is not accepted by your guest, you can cancel the transfer at any time and take back your tickets.

How to resell my tickets (exclusively for season tickets members)

1. After selecting the game you wish to resell, click on the SELL button

2. Select the exact tickets you wish to resell and click on the CONTINUE button (you will need to read the resale details, terms and conditions and click on CONFIRM)

3. Once sold, you will receive an e-mail confirmation.

The amount paid as part of your membership will be credited to your account. You can also cancel the resale of your tickets as long as they have not been sold.