Hatched in 1996, Touché has been entertaining Alouettes fans for over 20 years. Our favourite bird gained celebrity status in 1997 when he briefly flew from his coop at the Olympic Stadium and perched himself in a tree at downtown Montreal’s Dominion Square. His goal was to sell tickets to passersby until he had sold enough to draw large crowds to the Big O. Touché loves to make jokes, encourage our players, and has become an important figure in the Montreal community. As a matter of fact, he devotes countless hours to community activities throughout the year.


Blitz, Touché’s younger brother, was born in 1999. Although the two birds never really had any family resemblance, they were both fan favourites. Blitz gained international media coverage in 2003 when he received a penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct during a game versus the Ottawa Renegades. In an act of total excitement, Blitz accidentally bumped into a referee while joining the team’s touchdown celebration. He was the first CFL team mascot to receive a penalty and eventually he was released from the team.