In this fifth episode of PODCALS, 3 of our coaches joined us to talk about the upcoming season, their preparation, the latest acquisitions, and their expectations for 2021. Quick reminder, all the previous episodes of PODCLAS are available on our website and Spotify!

  • 0’-3’22 : How our 3 coaches are dealing with the current situation
  • 3’22 – 5’11 : Khari Jones talks about his plan for the offence and the playbook
  • 5’11 – 7’07 : Barron Miles speaks about the new defensive players and the identity he wishes to give his defensive squad
  • 7’07 – 9’10 : Mickey Donovan talks about the many new players he will have the chance to work with and how he plans to evaluate them
  • 9’10 – 11’35 : Khari Jones elaborates about his receiving squad
  • 11’35 – 13’04 : Barron Miles addresses the chemistry that he wished to see among the players
  • 13’04 – 17’28 : How the 3 coaches are helping the players get ready for the season
  • 17’46 – 20’42 : How the 3 coaches work together daily
  • 20’42 – 22’07 : The return of Greg Quick in the Alouettes’ coaching staff
  • 22’07 – 28’40 : Their thoughts about the Super Bowl

For this third episode of the PODCALS, the official podcast of the Montreal Alouettes, we had the chance to chat with two members of the 2019 East All-Star team, Greg Reid Jr. and Henoc Muamba.

We touched on the ways they’re dealing with these very peculiar circumstances, about the chemistry the defensive squad developed last season, their relationship with coach Slowick and their expectations for the future.

Here is the second episode of PODCALS, the official podcast of the Montreal Alouettes! This week, we had the pleasure to have with us Alouettes general manager Danny Maciocia, director of football operations Éric Deslauriers and 14-year season member Alex.

We talked about football operations, scouting new talents and so much more!

Here is the first episode of the new PODCALS! This week, we had the pleasure to have with us star receiver Geno Lewis, head coach Khari Jones et Dino Mazone, season member since 2011.
We had the pleasure to discuss about offense, the 2020 roster, and many other interesting topics!