September 19, 2021

BC 27 – 18 MTL…frustrated, but already looking ahead

In their second home game of the season, the Alouettes lost 27-18 against the BC Lions.  Quite a disappointment, especially following the big win in Ottawa 15 days ago…

After an opening sequence ending in a touchdown for BC, Montreal’s defence performed well throughout the game, allowing them to stay in on the field until the end… BC came to Montreal with one of the best offences and except for a couple of explosive plays, our defence was able to contain Mike Reilly and his men throughout the game.

The problem was that our offence failed to capitalize on several important moments. On four occasions, Vernon Adams and especially William Stanback, author of a big performance (183 yards), managed to penetrate the Lions’ last 10 yards. The result: one interception and three field goals. When you look at the final statistics, you can see that this game could have gone our way… 25 first downs against 20, 436 yards of total offence against 376 for BC, a superior time of possession, in short, a lot of indicators that could point to a victory…

Also noteworthy was the solid performance from the special teams! The Lions didn’t really have a chance to start their sequences very far down the field because of Joseph Zema’s excellent kick coverage. As for David Côté, he was a perfect 6/6 on-field goal, including a long kick from 49 yards!

So yes, this defeat is frustrating because we know this team can do much better, but we can also see that by continuing to work and correcting these small details, success is on the way.

Less talk, more action. Back to work A.S.A.P so that the next 3 games can be an easy win. (Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa).