The more people you refer to become season ticket members for the 2017 season, the more chances you have to win a trip down south!

Until February 17, 2017, with each reference you provide you will be given one chance to win a trip down south courtesy of REDTAG.ca.

Interested in doubling or tripling your chances of winning? Refer even more people to become season ticket members and receive an additional opportunity with each referral!

The person you referred must purchase their 2017 season ticket membership in order for your name to be entered into the drawing.

Remember: with the Referral Program, the person you refer can save up to 40% on their membership, and you can get up to $137 for each membership you refer!

Refer your friends HERE !

Good luck!


Here is the updated referral grid updated :

Season ticket member name Number of season ticket memberships refered
Luc Papineau 2
Luc Plouffe 2
Michel Tardif 2
Alain Duchaine 2
Claude Paré 2
Michel Blanchette 2
Martin Archambault 2
Robert Olivier 2
Charles Champagne 2
Jean-Pierre Boucher 1
Jacques Dion 1
Alexandre Proulx 1
Jean-Philippe Duplantis 1
Nicole Lafrance 1