Thanks to the Priority List, fans who want to become Season Ticket Members in 2018 can choose their seats before they are officially made accessible to the public.

Put your name on the list now to get the best spots in the house for the 2018 season and to be part of the lucky members who can access the exclusive presale for the 2017 playoff game (if applicable). It’s easy! Just make a $50 deposit (non-refundable) per seat that you wish to buy for next year.

The deposit is only applicable to new Season Membership buyers. If you’re already a Season Ticket Member, your name is automatically included on the renewal or relocation priority list.



Here is how it works:

  • Subscribe to the Season Ticket Membership Priority List by making a $50 deposit per seat (non-refundable);
  • Your deposit will be applied towards your next Season Ticket Membership purchase;
  • Should the Alouettes host a playoff game, you will be emailed a private presale link to purchase tickets before they are made available to the public;
  • A Montreal Alouettes Account Executive will contact you during the Season Ticket Priority List presale period (October 2017).



Is there a cost to subscribe to the Alouettes Season Ticket Membership Priority List ?
Yes, a $50 deposit (non-refundable) per season ticket is required to subscribe to the Priority List.

What happens to my deposit?
Your deposit will be kept in your Alouettes account to secure your name on the Season Ticket Priority List and to allow you to benefit from the presale period.

What are the advantages of being on the Alouettes Season Ticket Memberships Priority List?

  • You will have the opportunity to select the best seats in the house before they are made available to the public;
  • You will be eligible to the exclusive presale for the Alouettes 2017 playoff game (if applicable).

What happens if I do not purchase my Season Ticket Membership during the presale period?

If you don’t take advantage of the Priority List presale period, you may still purchase your Season Membership and use your deposit. However, to be eligible to the presale for the 2017 playoff game, you must have already purchased your 2018 Season Membership. Also, the deposit is only applicable towards the purchase of 2018 Season Memberships.

What happens if I end up not purchasing a 2018 Season Membership?
The deposit is valid for the 2018 season only. If you decide not to get seats for 2018, but want to purchase for 2019, you will be required to put another deposit for the 2019 season.

When will I be contacted regarding my 2018 Season Membership?
A Montreal Alouettes Account Executive will contact you during the presale period, so in October. To facilitate the process and to allow us to easily communicate with you at that time, we ask that you keep your contact information up to date (address, telephone number, email, etc.) at all times. You can modify your information via your online Account Manager or by calling (514) 787-2525.

Can I get a refund at any time?
The deposit is non-refundable, and it is only applicable towards a 2018 Season Ticket Membership.

Should I subscribe to Alouettes Season Ticket Membership Priority List if I’m already an Alouettes Member and want to add season tickets to my account?
No, you should contact your Account Manager or one of our representatives at (514) 787-2525.