Sometimes reality isn’t so far from what you see in movies. Fans found love at the stadium and you could too.

Carole’s Wedding Gift

“I have been going to the stadium at least once every summer for many years. In 2011, I got married and our guests offered my husband and I season tickets. Wow! “

A membership isn’t only a great wedding gift. It’s also an entire summer of fun and,
mostly, a way to win lots and lots of points of Valentine’s Day.

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Catherine’s First Date

“It was the beginning of a new era and football was slowly finding its way back into the hearts of Montrealers. It was by inviting me to an Alouettes game that the man who then became my boyfriend charmed me. He said: I have Alouettes tickets, would you like to join me? That’s how our great adventure with our favourite team began 😉”

Knowing your football can be a serious weapon of mass seduction.
Test it at the 2019 Home Opener.

Find love at the Home Opener

Marie-Hélène’s Escapades

“We became members in 2010. That’s how I discovered football. As new parents, we purchased memberships to make sure we went on dates every two weeks. I never thought I would have fallen so madly in love with the sport. Time flew by fast, but our passion for the Alouettes is still strong.”

A relationship is like working out. You have to switch things up sometimes to avoid getting bored. Discover a new passion and take breaks from your everyday routine when you need it the most.

Reignite the Flame

Love goes well beyond appearances… but it can’t hurt to look good.
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