With a Flex Pack, you get to choose the game(s) you want to attend, whenever best fits your schedule!

Plus, you can use these tickets in any combination.
Use them all for one game, spread them out over multiple games, you choose!

*Taxes not included

*Taxes not included


Below is the detailed step-by-step guide on exchanging your flex vouchers through your online portal.

Step 1: Connect to your portal by visiting https://portail.montrealalouettes.com/login?lang=en
Forgot your password? Simply click on “forgot my password” and follow the instructions. Please note that you must use the e-mail address associated to your account when you purchased.

Step 2: Once in your portal, click on Flex 2021 in your upcoming events.

Step 3: Click on the red “Exchange Tickets” button.

Step 4: If you had purchased multiple Flex categories, select the one for which you wish to exchange. If not, simply click on Continue.

Step 5: You’ll then be redirected towards the game and ticket selection page. Should the page not load, simply click on the link on the page.

Step 6: Select your game and your tickets. Please note that you cannot leave a single ticket available (Example: If you wish to exchange 2 tickets, you cannot choose tickets within a block of 3, thus leaving 1 ticket alone)

Step 7: Once your selection is made, complete the transaction at $0.

You’ll then find your tickets for the game you selected in your portal. On game-day, simply connect to your portal using your mobile device to view your tickets and enter the stadium.


Save up to 20% on the price of individual game tickets

Priority for 2022 memberships

Priority on tickets for the playoffs

Simplicity and flexibility

If you wish to get more information, please reach out to one of our specialists. Call or send a text message to 514 787-2525, send an email to services@montrealalouettes.com.

As we prepare for the 2021 season, the Alouettes are working closely with local health departments to ensure safety guidelines are implemented and followed on game days. As such, all stadium operations will be reviewed and updated. These new protocols will be in place to help you feel confident, safe and comfortable when coming to our stadium.

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