At what time do the doors open?
The doors open 1h30 before the game starts and the tailgate starts 2h30 before the beginning of the game. We recommend you get there at least one hour before kickoff, to avoid lengthy lineups and to speed up the entrance process.
Where can I park?
McGill Stadium doesn’t have parking, but there are many toll parkings nearby. Learn more about parking options.
Where can I park my bike?
There are bike racks at your disposition, they are situated near the main entrance of McGill Stadium (Entry 3) and near Entry 2.
Where is the free STM shuttle? What is it’s schedule?
The free shuttle service starts between 1h45 (week-day games) and 2h (weekend and holiday games) before each games. The departures are every 15 minutes until the end of the first quarter.
You can board at Place-des-Arts station (Green line) : from the platforms, follow signs to Jeanne-Mance and take the exit towards UQAM
The shuttles are also available for people who wish to use the service at the end of the game, which will begin at the 3rd quarter.
Is it possible to exit and re-enter the stadium?
There are no readmissions. Once you’re out, it’s not possible to get back inside the stadium, except for specific emergencies. This rule also applies to smokers
Where is the tailgate situated and when does it start?
The tailgate is situated near the entrance 3 (see the plan) and starts 2h30 before the kickoff. There will be no Tailgate in 2021 due to the pandemic and government restrictions.
From which entrance should I enter the stadium?
Please use the plan to find the nearest entrance from your seat.



Starting at what age do I have to buy a ticket for my child?
Children must have their own ticket starting at 4 years old. Otherwise, they can enter for free in the stadium and must be seated on the parents’ lap.
Can I use an electronic ticket to enter?
All tickets will be in electronic format from your cell phone.



What kind of bag can I bring?
Bags aren’t authorized in the stadium.
Am I allowed to bring an empty, or full bottle?
You’re allowed to enter the stadium with either a full, or empty bottle. However, once inside there are no water fountains to fill up the bottles. Also, metal or glass containers are not accepted, and alcohol is not allowed in the bottle.
Can I enter the stadium with food?
We tolerate small snacks inside little containers (vegetables, crackers, juice box). Food for babies, baby bottles, and kid snacks are also tolerated. Food from restaurants will not be allowed inside the stadium.
Is the stadium covered? Is it possible to bring an umbrella in the event it rains?
Only one part of the sections is covered in case there is rain, the rest is not. Unfortunately, umbrellas are not allowed for safety concerns, and to avoid obstructing the visibility of other fans. The only people covered are on the south side, on the lower level, and only from row 13 and up.
Are animals allowed inside the stadium?
Animals, excepted guide dogs and service dogs, are not allowed inside the stadium.
Is it allowed to smoke in or around the stadium?
It’s prohibited to smoke or vape inside, or at a minimal distance of 9 meters of the stadium.
Can I bring a banner/sign/flag?
Banners and signs are allowed under the condition that the text is respectful of all, and that it doesn’t obstruct the visibility of other fans.
Am I allowed to bring objects destined to make noise?
Yes, as long as it’s done in the respect of people around. Please take note that objects destined to make noise using a pressure mechanism are prohibited.
Can I bring a laptop/camera/electronics?
Professional cameras are not allowed inside the stadium.



What to do with strollers inside the stadium?
You can’t get inside the stadium with a stroller. If your seats are on the south side, you have to leave it at the main ticketing office (Entry 3), and get it back at the end of the game.
Are there seats for people with mobility disabilities?
Yes! There are seats reserved for people with mobility disabilities, and the person with them. These are the sections: N1, M1, X2, Y2.
Where are the diaper changing stations located?
At the toilets located throughout the stadium.



How long will the game last?
The game will last around 3 hours.
What are the accepted payment options inside the stadium?
Cash, direct payment, or credit cards.
Are there ATM inside the stadium?
There are ATM in the stadium, situated in concourse E, concourse M (next to the elevator) Section T1, Y1 et T2.
I lost an object in the stadium, how can I find it?
There’s a chance your object was found by our team. For more information please contact us by E-mail:
Is Wifi available in the stadium?
We are presently working hand-in-hand with McGill University to provide Wifi in the south side of the stadium.
I have a problem/I need help in the stadium, what to do?
The first thing to do is asking the help of a security agent who will deal with the situation. In the eventuality there is no security agent near you, please communicate with an Alouettes employee. There’s always an employee at the main ticketing office of the Alouettes, located at the main entrance (Entry 3).