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Already in her 4th season, Marie-Chloé has been taking dance lessons for 22 years. Dancing is her way of expressing herself, letting loose and staying in shape.

Dancing allows me to escape the stress of my everyday life. It keeps me healthy, both physically and mentally,” she says

When performing at McGill Stadium, her goal is to improve the overall experience. Her favourite part is watching the fans react to their show.

They give us so much love, it’s amazing!

Marie-Chloé doesn’t really have a workout routine, but she always tries to go to the gym as often as possible. She takes HIIT, yoga and spinning classes, plus, of course, tries to maintain a balanced diet. That way, she doesn’t feel as guilty when eating her cheat meals!

Last year, Marie-Chloé twisted her ankle three days before the Grey Cup.

It was the biggest challenge I had to face, but, fortunately, with a lot of rest and moral support from all my team, I was still able to perform at the Cheer Extravaganza.

When she is not energizing the crowd at the stadium, Marie-Chloé works as an editor for the lifestyle blog Le Cahier. Her job allows her to combine her passions for fashion and travel. She fits right in! Her willingness to perform drives her to constantly work towards offering the best content to readers, just like it pushes her to offer the best show to the fans.

Her advice: Know when to say no. “It’s important to know your priorities in life and to make time for the people who matter most.

The most beautiful show she has seen: The Rockettes in New York
Her favourite sport: She has learned to appreciate football
Her favourite sports team: The Alouettes, of course!

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