Ervin has been practising cheerleading for six years now and is completing his second season as a member of the Alouettes squad. Through his sport, he made plenty of amazing friends and was able to stay in great physical shape through the years. He loves the thrill that cheerleading brings.

The best part is when the fans react to our riskiest stunts. That’s what motivates me the most!

The athlete’s training regimen includes lifting three times a week and attending cheer practices twice a week. Although he doesn’t follow a strict diet, he tries to eat fat-free home cooked meals as often as possible… Except on Fridays! Fridays are cheat days!

Maintaining a relatively strict routine has allowed me to gain confidence and be better at overcoming my fears when I’m trying high-level stunts for the first time.

When he’s not working out, Ervin spends his time working in construction. He has always been a crafty and handy guy, so the job suits him well. Every day, he writes all the tasks and activities he has at hand in his calendar so he doesn’t lose track of what he has to do. That’s his trick not to be overwhelmed by a busy schedule.


Best show he has seen: Loud at the Bell Centre.

His favourite sport: Football, he used to play before switching to cheerleading.

His favourite sports team: New-Orleans Saints.