This season will be Charlie’s second year with the Alouettes’ cheers squad, and she has 16 years of dance experience. Cheer brings her stability. Between practices, school, work, competitions, and games she needs to organize her busy schedule accurately. Her favourite part about performing for the fans? Their reactions! She says she appreciates the positive feedback from people who enjoyed her performance, and it motivates her to keep putting in the hours every week.

In addition to her practices with the Alouettes and her cheer crew, Charlie goes to the gym once a week. She also tries to eat as healthily as possible, but she can’t resist candies. Her biggest challenge was overcoming the injuries she suffered.

Outside of being a cheerleader for the Montreal Alouettes, Charlie studies Arts, Literature and Communications in school and she now works in event planning. In her opinion, cheerleading taught her two valuable skills: teamwork and organization. Today, she uses those same skills in her job. She wanted to work with the public, which is what drove her to that career path. What’s her advice to balance her busy schedule and her personal life? Planning in advance.

The most beautiful show she has seen: World Cheerleading Championships.
Her favourite sports: Football, now that she knows more about it.
Her favourite sports team: The Montreal Alouettes, obviously!

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