Ariane M.
Police academy
  • Dance or stunt: Stunt
  • Favourite quote? It’s not really a quote but I like “Why not? I often use it in my personal life.
  • The most influential person in your life? My best friend. I consult her and ask for advice on absolutely every aspect of my life, from big decisions to small ones.
  • What musical instruments do you play? No, I’m not very artistic, but I would love to learn to play the guitar.
  • What makes you blush the most? When I say a sentence wrong and people around me start laughing at what I said and tease me. I blush and try to justify myself by rephrasing my sentence, even though they know exactly what I meant.
  • What role would you have liked to play in the movies? Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games, as I would have liked to be in an action film and a symbol of courage and perseverance in the film.
  • A fairy promises to grant you three wishes, what do you ask her? 
    1. That all my family and friends stay healthy.
    2. To travel around the world.
    3. To be able to cheerlead for a living
  • To go to a restaurant or to cook? To eat out! I don’t cook much and I’m not very good.
  • Dog or cat? Dog! It’s more cute, sociable and playful.
  • Board games or video games? For an evening with friends, I would say board games. Several people around a table playing games make for a great time. You can play video games too, but we are all in front of a screen and not face-to-face. There is also more interaction in a board game