Alexandra P.
Elementary Education at McGill University
Part of
Nadine's team

Alexandra couldn’t be more excited to be back with the team for a 5th season. She loves giving a great show to the fans and believes her squad really helps boost the energy in the stadium.

Dancing has been her passion since the age of four.
“It’s my escape. It allows me to forget about any stress that I may have in my life. I can’t picture my life without it,” she says.

Alexandra trains about four times a week; she loves to work out and even monitor her progress. Flexibility is a focus of hers because the most significant obstacle she overcame was gaining the flexibility of a professional dancer. Her approach towards food is simple. She hates the word “diet.” Instead, she eats what she wants, but everything in moderation.

A recent graduate from McGill University with a Bachelor of Education, Alexandra is officially an elementary school teacher! She taught dance for 7 years, and she always wanted to keep working with kids. Her career choice was the perfect one for her!

“I believe teachers and dancers are not motivated by money. We do it for the passion and dedication towards our craft,” Alexandra explains.
Her advice: “Time management is key! I prioritize my time and make sure that everything that I care about gets the attention it deserves.”

The most beautiful show she has seen: Swan Lake
Her favourite sports: She says she now “LOVES” football
Her favourite sports team: Obviously the Alouettes! #ToujoursGame