Throughout the 2018 season, we took a journey that visited four eras of the Als history allowing us to relive its key moments with you.The history of our club is also the one YOU are writing by supporting us, attending our games, participating in our events, following us on the road, wearing our colours and more.

The football season is over, but our beautiful story lives on. It’s now YOUR turn to share with us YOUR greatest moments with the Alouettes. We want to know your fascinating stories, those of your friends, and your family. Since 1946, 1970, 1974 or 1996, we have all grown attached to the Alouettes. What connects YOU to the team? is a platform to share real moments in time. Our very own Hall of Fame and it’s yours to build!

During the next 12 weeks, submit your blue and red stories along with a photo or video on Love and comment other fans’ memories. Each week, you’ll have the chance to win an exclusive Alouettes gift, such as t-shirts, hoodies, autographed items, player-worn gear, tickets and more.

The countdown to the launch of MontréAls, the unveiling of the brand-new Alouettes identity, has begun!

Ready to share? Hut!

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