Renewal of Partnership between Consignaction and the Alouettes for 2024

Consignaction and the Alouettes are excited to announce the renewal of their partnership for the 2024 season! This collaboration aims to support a worthy cause. During game days, we encourage fans to recycle their cans, as each recycled can contributes to the Montreal Alouettes Foundation. Recycling means giving back!

“We are proud to renew our partnership with Consignaction and the current Grey Cup champions. For the past 18 years, Montreal Alouettes fans have been recycling cans at Percival-Molson Stadium, resulting in a total of beverage containers recovered and recycled, equivalent to approximately 8,000 football fields. This reflects a significant environmental impact!”

  • Normand Bisson, CEO of AQRCB/Consignaction

About Consignaction

Consignaction is a national program that offers various initiatives to encourage consumers and businesses to return empty bottles and cans, and to facilitate access to recycling facilities for these containers. The organization operates under AQRCB, which represents beverage producers involved in the recovery, reuse, recycling, and enhancement of beverage containers. AQRCB is responsible for implementing the modernized deposit system.