March 15, 2023

Attending an Alouettes game is a memorable experience!

Have you ever experienced a Montreal Alouettes game at Percival Molson Stadium? If you haven’t, you’re missing out!

“I love Molson Stadium,” Tim Capper, who has had season tickets since 1997, said.

“When it comes to football, there is no other place like it in the CFL.

“Percival Molson is the CFL’s Wrigley Field. There is so much charm to it. I would hate to go to another place, but that’s part of the charm of Percival Molson. I have been lucky to sit in different places in the stadium, I’m happy where I am! I love section Y1. I really do. Each fan has their own. They can sit right up there on the sideline, in the end zones, in the boxes or wherever that may be.

“To me, Percival Molson needs to be seen!”

Here are a few tips if you’re looking to purchase Alouettes tickets.

If you’re looking to pick up single game tickets, ticket packages or season tickets, there are some details you should be aware of before making your decision.

First, figure out what ticket package works best for you. You can buy tickets one game at a time, but you can also get more bang for your buck with a flex pack, a Friday Night pack or a weekend pack. Second, decide if you want to sit on the north side, which comes with a spectacular view of the downtown skyline, or the south side which has a breathtaking view of Mount Royal.

On game days, you know that football is going to be played at the stadium, but there’s a lot more that goes into watching the Als than just checking out the game itself.

People of all ages can get the party started early on select game days by tailgating at the foot of Mount Royal. There’s a great atmosphere and there will also be fun and games. The Alouettes provide the barbecues, which means all you have to do is bring the food to slap on the grill and some drinks. Do you not feel like bringing raw meat or veggies to the stadium? No problem, you can also buy food from one of our concessions stands located in the tailgate area.

Alright, you’ve tailgated for a couple of hours and now you’re ready to enter the stadium. The Molson Stadium entrance is just a few yards away from the tailgate area, so you don’t have to travel very far at all.

“(My game day) routine for me actually depends on the day of the game itself,” Capper, who has his seats in section Y1, said. I may not have a single game routine, but I want to come to the stadium itself. Whether it be going to the tailgate for a little bit just to pop by to see who’s there. Whether it be current players or the cheerleaders or the dance team.”

Once you get into the stadium, there are several fun options for you to experience before getting into your seat.

Do you want to grab a hot dog, pizza, some nachos or a drink at one of our concessions stands? We also have other options like a creole poutine and food trucks!

Do you want to check out one of our team stores so that you can keep your Alouettes wardrobe up to date? You can also take advantage of our special discounted item of the game!

You can also hang out in our BIER GARDEN which is located behind the end zone. There is no cost to enter this area! It’s totally free! You can choose from several different types of beer in this section all while enjoying some of the activities some of our sponsors have to offer.

But Alouettes games aren’t just for adults! Bring your entire family to the game, including your kids, and sit in our NAYA Family zone! The tickets for kids 16 & under are just $5! You’ll enjoy a great view of the action, and your kids will get to hang out with our mascot TOUCHÉ and play some awesome games in the area behind the section all game long!

We realize that there are times when business needs to be conducted at Molson Stadium, too. If you’re bringing clients, valued employees, or anyone else you work with, we can accommodate you in our VIP Zone, where you can order food and drinks from our most comfortable seats and have it delivered to you right to you. It’s the perfect way to experience the fun of an Alouettes game while being in a business setting.

In the end, we have tickets and sections for people of all ages. No matter the reason for your visit to the stadium, we promise you’ll have a great time in this unique, rocking atmosphere (the visiting players are the first ones to admit that). Playing a road game in Montreal isn’t easy for the opposition, and that’s thanks to you!

“It’s just the atmosphere itself, it really is,” Capper said. “It’s the camaraderie, it’s the fans in the section. I have been lucky enough to be in two different sections at Percival Molson, and I have made long-time friends that I will be forever grateful to. Whether I see them on the street and just say ‘hey’, or if I just see them on social media. It’s a giant family. Alouettes nation is a giant family.”

We also have games, giveaways and activities that will keep you entertained when there are breaks in the action.

Don’t wait any longer! Make sure you check out a game at Percival Molson Stadium this season! Our first regular season home game is set for June 10th against our rivals, the Ottawa Redblacks.

See you there!