August 1, 2022

Buckle up your helmet and dig in!

Montreal Alouettes fans are asked to eat very lightly in the hours, maybe even days, before the team’s next home game, on Thursday, August 4, as the organization will be launching the brand new poutine l’Alouette.

What is the Alouettes poutine ? 

  • It’s a football helmet that you can bring home. You’ll be able to use it as a serving plate at your next football party!
  • It’s four poutines in one! The meal itself will weigh 1.2 kg in total.
  • It’s a special recipe made for the Alouettes (red peel potatoes, cheese curds, pork lard and pulled pork from Quebec, caramel popcorn, fried onions, and Avril’s signature maple and Amaretto sauce.

The poutine l’Alouette will be available for only $90 (taxes included).

It is strongly recommended to order this item in company of friends, family members or even seat neighbours.

Quantities are limited and any person that wants to leave the stadium with a helmet, will necessarily have to order la Poutine l’Alouette. And the only place to do so is at an Alouettes home game.