December 3, 2021

Onwards & Upwards; how is Big Play V.A. doing?

Imagine yourself in full swing. You’ve worked your way through the trenches, building some momentum and feeling the power. You’re trusted, you’re named a starter for another season, and when you’re finally about to hit your stride… your dreams come crashing down. You find yourself on the injured list for six games, completely helpless and deep down you realize that the chances of finishing the season on the field are slowly fading away…

I knew it was broken because I fell it when it happened. I had never felt anything like that before.

On October 11, during a game against the Ottawa REDBLACKS, a quarterback’s worst nightmare ensued. While carrying the ball, our star Vernon Adams Jr. injured his left shoulder when he was knocked to the ground by a defensive player.

I was very emotional. I went to the hospital that night crying because it just hurts. You know, I worked so hard this off season. I put a lot of time and effort into having many camps with the receivers and just working on my body and my technique. It was just disappointing to go out like that.

For those watching at home, there was a growing sense of apprehension.
For the thousands of fans in the stadium, the scene was simply heartbreaking. Time stood still, everyone froze as the players made way for our prominent QB to be reeled in by our staff, leaving the field with his arm wrapped in his jersey…

The applause began to pour in.

During his recovery, the 28-year-old kingpin stayed closely with the team. With one arm in a sling, you could spot him dishing out advice and encouragement to his teammates during games and training sessions.

In times like this, I think the best thing to do is cling to your own.  Your loved ones,, your family, your brothers, which are your teammates. It’s hard when I’m at home by myself.

I got so many things going through my mind, my future, my arm, just so many things but when I get to the locker room, when I get to practice and the facility. When I walked through those doors, everything stops there. I’m so much happier when I’m around the guys.

Athletes are expected to be resilient and keep a positive attitude while playing through pain. But we greatly underestimate the effect this has on their lives and daily routine. For Vernon, it was crucial to maintain the same attitude towards his team if he wanted to get through this difficult time.

I’m a thousand miles from my family. I live in Seattle, Washington. My mom and dad are in California. If don’t do that, I’m going to be in a bad place. I have to come up here and still be a leader. Not just be a good teammate but a good dude.

It’s bigger than me. It’s not just about me. That’s how I stay motivated.

So if there’s one thing no one can doubt, it’s that Adams Jr. is a team player, who almost always puts the club’s interests ahead of his own.

Although he has had some dark days, the young Californian now realizes that everything can only get better and brighter. With his six-game stint on the injury list over, he is slowly starting to get back on his feet with rehabilitation.

I started not too long ago. I’m just working on my range of motion and getting that strength back and just getting confident.’’

I’m working on it every day, getting started and moving it around and getting that mobility back.

Before falling to the fight, Vernon had completed 142 passes for 1, 949 yards with 14 touchdowns and nine interceptions while adding 51 rushes for 298 yards. With the regular season and playoffs now over, VA is no longer dwelling on his lost campaign but focusing instead on the future and the work ahead.

With the regular season and playoffs behind us, Adams Jr. has chosen to stop dwelling on his lost campaign and look at the future with determination and purpose.

I’m learning different ways to prepare myself and how to be better next year as a quarterback. I think next year, the CFL fan, are going to get the best version of Big Play VA.

To be continued…

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