November 9, 2021

The Triptych: Fun. Family. Football.

The home stretch! With playoff qualification in the bag, we have two home games left in the regular season, which means two games to try and catch up with our immediate rivals so that we can secure a home game for the playoffs. First stop, Saturday, a great day to come and see your Alouettes in action with the whole family. Why? Here are 5 reasons!

It’s all about family!

Sharing, perseverance, sportsmanship, here is the perfect initiation to the football experience for your little ones! For this occasion, we are giving you a helping hand by offering $5 tickets for children!

The Bombers are less overwhelming in Montreal?

The Western powerhouse can crush most of their opponents in their own backyard, but in Montreal, it certainly won’t be the same. I mean, did you see the fight we put up last Saturday? We just needed the finishing touch… can you guess what it is?

When you go wild. We go wild. That’s how it works. You’ll see!

TRULY special gifts!

Our partner TRULY will be giving away 1,500 koozies and 50 Fanny packs to fans attending the game. A TRULY booth will be present at the entrance of the stadium and the fastest fans will be able to pick up their gifts on site. A BISONxTRULY cooler will also be given away to one lucky fan (again at the TRULY booth)!

The wind in the sails…

In case you missed the news, here’s the latest scoop on your Alouettes: we’re heading to the playoffs!

The Lions’ loss last week, clinched that spot for us, and it feels more and more like a 2019 vibe is in the air! While we wait for the big day, let’s take advantage of these last two regular-season home games to finish as high as possible in the standings and to support our guys for what promises to be an exciting end to the season!

You know as well as we do that the turning point between a win and a loss is your presence in the stadium. Come and show your support for this final sprint, get your ticket now!