September 30, 2021

Vernon Adams Jr, our quarterback!

There are some positions in football that always attract a little more attention. The quarterback position, of course, is essential to the team’s success. After 6 games played for our Alouettes, the current results are obviously not what we had hoped for at the beginning of the season, but the consensus from our coaches, players and even experts outside the team is that the potential and talent to do much better are there, and the things that need to be fixed have been highlighted.

So today we decided to take a closer look at the performance of our quarterback Vernon Adams Jr since the beginning of the season. He is inevitably the most-watched player after wins and losses, and his work has undoubtedly been under the microscope in recent games….

Over the last two defeats (BC 27-18 and Toronto 30-27) Vernon generated 314 and 430 yards of offence respectively.  After 6 games, he has thrown for 1583 yards (only 3 quarterbacks have done better so far), thrown 11 touchdown passes (best total in the CFL with the least number of games played and therefore an average of almost 2 per game) and has been the victim of 6 interceptions (an average of 1 per game). These are stats that, in the end, match up very well with the Canadian Football League’s elite.

As for his mobility, it adds another important weapon against opposing defences, as he has already rushed for 239 yards in six games, the second-highest total for a quarterback in the league after Cody Fajardo, who has one more game under his belt…

Another interesting statistic that speaks for itself is the time of possession by the offence, 32’39”, the best in the league with two minutes more than the Edmonton Elks, 2nd in this ranking! Well assisted by a very efficient offensive line and an energetic running game from William Stanback, Vernon and the offence stay on the field, make the first downs, generate a lot of yards, score touchdowns and like all other teams, sometimes cause turnovers… because the defences are also there to make big plays.

So of course. It’s important to look at what needs to be corrected; that’s how a good team becomes a great team. Vernon said it himself (and that goes for all the other players), he will continue to work on what needs to be fixed. Yet, one thing is undeniable, our starting quarterback is a great quarterback, and we have greater faith in him than ever.

A feeling that is equally shared by his teammates, starting with Patrick Levels who mentioned after the last game:

We are a team. I will always be behind VA, B.J. or any other player. We all have to play better and that’s it.

You heard him, more than ever, let’s stand behind our team!

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