September 7, 2021

Light Up the Stadium – Behind the scenes

You all know Isabelle Racicot as a host, producer, and businesswoman, but do you know her like a football fan and lover of the Montreal Alouettes? As the mother of two teenagers, 15 and 18 years old, both football players, Isabelle has always been involved in the game and keeps a close eye on the evolution of the sport in Quebec.

I’ve been following football ever since I was 18. My fall and winter weekends are spent on football fields cheering (and yelling way too loudly) for my boys’ teams.

As a result, football is the focus of many dinnertime conversations, even though all attendees support different NFL teams. Yet, when it comes to the Canadian League, there is one team everyone is unanimous about: the Alouettes.

It’s the only football team that my family agrees on, so there’s no bickering when it comes to supporting our Alouettes! I also remember memorable evenings spent together at the stadium. Pure happiness.

It was only natural that Isabelle would lend her voice to our future projects. You can expect to hear her on the radio in the team’s various advertising campaigns, as well as in our video LIGHT UP THE STADIUM, the Montreal Alouettes’ new slogan.

 This video is a tribute to football and to Quebec. It’s an incredible and unifying sport. I’m very happy to have been able to contribute in this way and I believe very much in what the team is putting together. I look forward to cheering on our players on and off the field. Go Als Go! We are with you all the way!

 Mario Cecchini, our president, agrees with this collaboration.

I have known Isabelle for a long time, and I was well aware of her passion for football and the Alouettes. Our choice was as quick as her decision to accept…Like Isabelle, we believe that we can bring together all sports and football fans in Quebec around an authentic and accessible team. We are very proud to be able to count someone like Isabelle among our biggest supporters.

 A former Alouettes for the production and direction of the video.


In Isabelle’s words, LIGHT UP THE STADIUM is an ode to football and to La Belle Province. Our stadium is atypical for many reasons, yet it remains one of the most beautiful stadiums in the city. As the designated home where we all come together, who better than videographer Pierre-Marc Lachaine, a former football player and employee of the Alouettes who has been filming football in this stadium for years to materialize our vision in a film? Pierre-Marc oversaw directing, while Jérémie Jeannote took charge of cinematography and editing.

 The stadium is the team’s sacred place. It’s impressive, it’s majestic, it’s full of history and on game days it really comes alive. In this video we wanted to wake up the stadium, especially after a year without football, we wanted to bring it back to life and show that this energy doesn’t just come from the athletes on the field, but from all the fans in the stands who create this amazing atmosphere.

After many weeks of hard work under unusual conditions (due to the pandemic) the result is here, and we are proud to be able to present this video at the stadium and to our supporters.

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