August 17, 2021

In the west part II : Is Calgary ready for our Alouettes ?

Can you imagine a better start to the season? I can’t.

We came in hot last Saturday and delivered exactly what we promised: an epic showdown.

In our first game since November 2019, we beat the Elks 30-13 in their own backyard. A quick reminder that we haven’t won in Edmonton since October 5, 2013, so this was a long-awaited hunting trip down west.

As the boys return to training, while beginning preparations for our next battle, let’s look at what exactly is working in our favour early on in this new season.

First of all, let me salute our defence team who caused quite a stir on the field last Saturday.

With Sewell leading this hungry bunch, our defence provided some top-notch plays on that side of the ball, adding so much pressure on Trevor Harris, the opposing QB, that we sacked him not once, not twice, but four times It’s been a long time since the defensive unit has been a threat in this position and let me tell you, the boys haven’t even reached their full potential. Careful Calgary, if we can put down a few Elks, then we can also tame horses.

While Montreal’s offence was certainly on top of their game it was the performance of our special teams that truly gave us a head start. Talk about a fresh and revamp unit that saw Mario Alford score a touchdown with 86 punt return yards. Let’s not forget our new kicker, David Côté, who made his first career CFL field goal in the second quarter, aiming the ball right between the goalposts for 23 yards (his best kick was two more times from over 40 yards). Putting the Als in a good position for our offence to shine, we look forward to seeing what tricks the special teams will pull out of their bag this Friday against the Stampeders.

While the Alouettes’ defence and special teams were causing headaches for Harris’ minions, the fourth quarter was all about the offensive core.  After a successful Côté kick, Adams spotted Cunningham near the end zone who went three yards to make it 30-6. And since a picture is worth a thousand words, why not take a look at our social media to see the extent of his talent in video 😉

After a busy weekend, our birdsquad is back in their Montreal nest, enjoying the fruits of their labour while getting ready to head back out west this Friday to take on a different kind of beast.

Make sure you tune in this Friday at 9.30pm to see the Als go up against the Stampeders, who a little birdie says may be without their star quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell… To be continued

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