July 22, 2021

Money is on the hunt for a healthy season!

Halfway through camp and the intensity inevitably went up a few notches. As with every year, the pressure for a starting position is at the heart of the motivation for most players. Monshadrik, a.k.a. Money Hunter, has been dealing with a slight injury for the past few days, but it doesn’t seem to dampen his spirits…

This injury bug is probably the biggest thing going on right now. But as far as anything goes, we are having fun flying around and figuring out the defence as well

About a year ago, you would have recognized the six-foot-one, defensive back as the Edmonton player who finished third in his team with 85 defensive tackles, four interceptions, six knockdowns, one sack and one recovered fumble.

This time around, Hunter decided to ditch the West division for the Québec team, while reuniting with a familiar face in Barron Miles, who served as the Elks’ defensive backs coach from 2016-19.

I played with him for two years at Edmonton. He taught me a lot and he’s smart. He put us in the right position to make plays and there’s nothing you could say bad about him.

At just 26 years old, there is no limit to Hunter’s potential. With a blistering 2019 season, his addition to our defence will add even more pressure to the edges. Knowing this, try asking him if he sees a looming threat for his spot, and a shrug with a smirk is what you’ll get for asking a rhetorical question…

There’s some competition on the field for most people, but for me, every day is game day. So, I don’t feel too much pressure.

Training camp hits differently this year. With no pre-season games to dust off the players, coaches had to expect a few challenges on and off the field. While the team is working on the players’ appetite and resilience, it’s up to the boys to play with control to maximize their performance throughout this shortened season.

I always have a good season, but it always comes down to being injured at the end every time. So, my biggest goal is just staying healthy and getting through the season. Everything else is going to fall in place.

We’ve got talent, we’ve got depth, and if we plan on tackling and sacking most, if not all, opponents this year, then we pulled a great move by recruiting a fast slender like Hunter.

As for him, he heard about the frenetic atmosphere at McGill Stadium during the Albertans’ last game in Montreal in the 2019 Eastern semifinals, a game he missed due to injury…

I always heard that it was loud. It was rocking and they had a good time. I’m glad to be here and to experience it for myself.

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