July 20, 2021

A natural transition for Sean Jamieson

Montreal, July 20, 2021 – So far during his career, offensive lineman Sean Jamieson always answered when his number was called, regardless of the position where his services were required.

2021 is no exception, as the four-year veteran started training camp at the centre. He will soon have played every position on the offensive line, except the left tackle.

“Training camp has been good. Luc Brodeur-Jourdain called me in the off-season to tell me I would play centre. I’ve been preparing since then and it feels like a natural transition,” said Jamieson, who had only played centre during the East-West Bowl and for one quarter during a 2019 pre-season game.

The former Western Ontario University Mustang doesn’t need to look too far for inspiration and tricks of the trade. His position coach is Luc Brodeur-Jourdain, who played a decade at the centre, and straight to his right on the line is Kristian Matte, who finished the 2019 season at centre.

“When I played with Luc, I tried to learn as much as I could from him. It’s continuing that way now that he is my coach. Kristian and I are good buddies. Both of them have helped make it easy.”

Rapid fire
The defensive line continued to apply solid pressure on the offence, complicating the job of the quarterbacks. Datone Jones knocked down a pass early in practice… After being shut down by the defence early on, the offence went to a proven remedy and threw a deep pass to Eugene Lewis. The offence seemed to have found its wings after that 42-yard reception… Dante Absher showcased his speed when he ran for 20-yards before being touched after a pass was dumped off to him as a last resort… Brian Harelimana made an interception worthy of mention… Japanese running back Taku Lee was left alone near the sideline before making a catch and running for a 60-yard touchdown… Simulating the last seconds of a game with both the number one offence and defence at the end of practice, the offence got the upper hand when Vernon Adams Jr. reached BJ Cunningham for the winning touchdown with six seconds left on the clock.

He said it

“The guys are learning the offensive system pretty fast. I’m even very impressed, because there are a lot of new players. The more days go by, the better the guys execute. We had a great day at work today, coach Khari Jones let us know.”
– Vincent Alessandrini

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