July 7, 2021

Defensives Backs : Bigger And Stronger

We can feel it in the air; normal life is quietly coming back to Montreal. With beautiful days ahead of us right in time to welcome training camp, we thought we could help you get up to date with the latest adjustments made to our troops by giving you a position-by-position breakdown of our Alouettes roster.

You know as well as we do, our line-up this year is quite special thanks to our selection of local athletes. But like every year, the Alouettes roster will be made up of a mix of Quebecers, Canadians, Americans, Japanese, Australian, French and Swedish players.

Do you have some time on your hands? Good, because this week we’re shining a light on defensive backs!


Watch how you talk around here. This is not American football, this is the CFL.  So, when we refer to defensive backs, we do not mean ”running backs.” Similar, but not the same. What we’re alluding to are the secondaries, who play furthest back from the line of scrimmage ready to cover inside receivers and to provide run and pass support.

Larger and hasher, this year we brought back healthy and solid veterans to back up our defensive plays. Opponents better tighten up their helmets because our players will knock the wind out of them the first chance they get! Here we go:

Ty Cranston (6’3”- 205 lbs) has been repping the Als uniform since 2018 where he even collected three special teams tackles in only five games over his first year. The Winnipeg native suffered an injury at the end of the 2019 season but overcoming challenges was not an issue for this relentless defender. We are very fortunate to be able to count on such a valuable player in 2021.

Devron Davis (6’0” – 210 lbs) was a prime pick from the 2020 Draft. Davis unique genetic makes him one of the most pundit players on our roster. He will turn things up a notch for opposing offensive players.

Tyquwan Glass (5’11”- 193 lbs) is a CFL veteran returning to Montreal after a season with Edmonton in 2019. The Pasadena, CA native amassed 68 defensive tackles, three interceptions and four knockdowns in his 23-career games in the CFL. A prototype for this position thanks to his field intelligence and aggressiveness.

Monshadrik Hunter (6’1”- 193 lbs) was born with the flair of an athlete. After finishing third in 2019 on the Edmonton amassing 59 defensive tackles, while snatching two passes and knocking down five other ones, we added raw talent to our defence by recruiting a player like Hunter.

Patrick Levels (5’11” – 187 lbs) is one of the most important defensive backs on our team. His efforts awarded him to be part of the first East Division All-Stars in 2019. Not surprising for a player who helped the Calgary Stampeders win the Grey Cup in 2018. Besides being able to offer a perfect coverage concept and outstanding deep safety overall, Levels is quick on his feet and quarterbacks will know whom to avoid.

Adarius Pickett (5’11”-198 lbs) led with tenacity the UCLA Bruins before getting drafted by the New England Patriots in 2019. Now ready to defend la “Belle Province”, his versatility and athleticism will make him a great defence weapon for the Alouettes.

Jermaine Ponder (6’2”- 200 lbs) is an American football alumnus and a solid addition to our defensive squad. Before becoming a member of the Alouettes, the Rochester, NY native spent time defending several teams in the NFL. Truth be told, Ponder can excel in any league, he is solid in coverage and has excellent footwork.

Rodney Randle Jr. (6’0”-170 lbs) is pursuing his professional football career in the CFL. The former Ozen and Lamar defensive back had a brief stint in the Spring Football League, before finally caving in for the Alouettes. He will join our forces with impressive stability that will ultimately add a nice kick to our defensive plays.

Greg Reid (5’9”-190 lbs) has been tactfully climbing the ranks to become one of CLF’s top leaders in defensive tackles. Representing the Alouettes since 2018, he was an immediate asset upon arrival. We could benefit from his versatility and agility for this upcoming season. Warning! Working against a defensive back like Reid will create some damage.

Ryan Carter (5’9” – 180 lbs) is a do-it-all shutdown coverage player who is finally coming back to Montreal. Not only is he a great defender, but also a great player all-around. With 22 defensive tackles, on top of intercepting two passes in 14 games with the Als in 2019, the 26-year-old American will most certainly help our team this year!

Dominique Termansen (5’11”-188 lbs) defended our field in 2016 and in 2017, before moving to the B.C. Lions. A smart football player and an elite athlete, Termansen will add an element of physicality to our defensive plays. Already familiar with our plays, we can’t wait to see how he will take on his new position with the Als.


We got as many Quebec players as possible. Although we did put in a great deal of effort, the truth is, this province does not lack talent. Just ask our Defensive Coach, Barron Miles, and he will tell you how impatient he is to finally be able to count on these gifted athletes to support our defence.

Marc-Antoine Dequoy (6’0”-195 lbs) was the most decorated collegiate athlete of the province. A former player for the Université de Montréal Carabins, Dequoy caught our eye for his amount of guts, determination and perseverance when faced with adversity.  A great pickup for our team.

Kerfalla Exumé (6’0”-197 lbs) made his debut in the CFL with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Now ready to defend his home team and reconnect with his roots, we can count on a player like Exumé for his combination of speed, size and ball skills that will ultimately frustrate opponents on the field. A savvy veteran, who will fly high on our defence team.


Many young defensive backs will be there for training camp this year. Pumped and fully rested, we look forward to seeing which one of them will be able to crack the defensive roster.

Reggie Floyd (6’0”- 222 lbs)

William James (5’10” – 190 lbs)

Ahmad Thomas (6’0”- 220 lbs)


Do you like what you’re reading? In that case: don’t think twice and follow your instincts. Click here to stay on top of the latest news concerning our Alouettes, and here if you’d like to see our football prodigies in action during our next match.