June 11, 2021

The door is open at the kicker’s position

“We are all in the same boat” -David Côté

Life is going fast for kicker David Côté. In recent weeks, he graduated from Université Laval in physical education, got a summer job as a liner on soccer fields, was drafted by the Alouettes, and a few days ago, he signed a contract with our club.

“I am very happy with the progress. Right now, all I have to do is to give it my all at the gym and come and play football after camp starts. My head is focused only on football and that’s so much the better, I’m very excited about this camp that is coming very quickly.”

With kicker Boris Bede who left the nest after five seasons in Montreal, does Côté see an opportunity on the horizon?

“No one has played since the pandemic, so we will have to prove ourselves on the field. Some players will not have seen action in almost two years. There will be veterans and rookies, I think everyone is in the same boat, all the players will have a chance. For this camp, I don’t want to put unnecessary pressure on myself. I focus on the work I can control. At the moment, my best preparation is at the gym and so far, my routine is going really well. I will approach these practices the best way I can and I have confidence in my abilities.”

Bede, a former member of the Rouge et Or, had had the position of number one kicker for the team since 2015. Côté could very well imitate him and keep that role with another former member of Université Laval.

The more days pass, the more the 24-year-old feels the excitement rise. He reads the news and sees how life seems to be getting back on track across the “sports planet”.

“Normal life comes back quietly, the spectators are admitted more and more to sporting events, we feel that there are beautiful days coming. We’ve been through so much in the last few months. I’m sure fans will be at the stadium to see us this summer”, says the rookie who played three seasons with Université Laval and won a Vanier Cup in 2018.

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