June 2, 2021

Mario Cecchini answered your questions

After a few months on hold not knowing what was going to happen with our season, we are finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel concerning our return on the fields. We have discussed these upcoming events with our president Mario Cecchini following your numerous questions we received. Here is a quick look back:

Will there really be a return to play this season ?

The news is encouraging all around Canada, including in Ontario which was not the case a few weeks ago.  What is also encouraging is the vaccination campaign which is well under way in Quebec and with the objectives set by the Legault’s government for the end of August, it leaves us even more optimistic to hold our first home game at the beginning of September, at the latest.  The newest calendar for the season should be unveiled shortly. The vaccination is the key to all this,  so for those who have not gotten their vaccine yet, now is the time to do so!

A minimum of fans required in the stands in order to play ?

There is not a precise number required for now. The Quebec government currently mentions a limit of 2 500 spectators in stadiums until August 31st but once again, logically this limit should increase based on the improvement of the situation. Once again, the goal shared by everyone is to be on the field in 2021.


Who will have priority in the case of a limited capacity of spectators in the stadium in 2021?

Definitely our season tickets holders. If a limit of fans is imposed in the stadium this year, they will have priority. This number will be decided by the government. That being said, the best option to ensure your spot in the stands for 2021 is to get your membership now !

The importance of having Quebecer players on the roaster?

Our General Manager has repeated over and over again that the best football pool in the country is in Quebec! When talent is equal, the local talent will be given priority. We also want to give them the chance and opportunity to play in front of their people.

We are Quebec’s team and on top of that, our name is associated to one of Quebec’s pride; that being the first French Canadian squadron. But in the end, the success of the team will lie on everyone’s shoulder, all the players, no matter where they come from or their native language.

21 months without playing, how will the players manage?

The players are professionals, and they did everything in their power to stay in shape. The good thing about this situation is that the guys will be well rested following this long interruption, their bodies will not be tired and those who had injuries, will have recovered.  On top of that, our medical team and trainers have been in regular contact with the players to make sure they would be ready for training camp.

The next few weeks will be particularly exciting and will be keeping us on our toes. We will learn shortly the new and official dates of our home games and the authorized capacity in our stadium. One thing for sure is that we worked relentlessly for months in order to offer you that high-level fan experience you are now used to, not to mention the sporting side which also has a lot in store for us! Hoping to finally see you in 2021!