March 10, 2021

The CFL will explore opportunities to align with the owners of the XFL

The Canadian Football League has just announced that exploratory discussions with the owners of the XFL will begin in order to study a potential collaboration in the years to come.

As fans, it is important for us to keep you informed, even if this remains at an exploratory stage, and will not affect the 2021 season. As the pandemic diminishes, we hope that the league will get the green light to play a full season this year; A season on which we are fully focused.

The goal of these preliminary discussions will be to identify opportunities and possible improvements to enrich both our league and its 108 years of experience, and our football.

We are in the very early stages of these discussions, and you will be the first informed of any future advancements, if any occur. We reinforce that we are proud of the CFL and its history, and that changes would only take place if they were to improve the daily lives of our teams, players, partners and fans.

I encourage you to visit our web site to consult the declarations of our commissioner Randy Ambrosie, Dany Garcia, XFL Chairwoman and Owner, and Jeffrey Pollack, XFL President and CEO, who specify the goals of these discussions.

As we wait to see each other at the stadium as soon as possible in 2021, I want to thank you again for your support. Continue to take care of yourself.

Mario Cecchini

President and CEO