February 12, 2021

David Foucault guided by his passions…

For the first time in his career, Alouettes newcomer David Foucault will play for his childhood team; the same club that drafted him in 2014 before trading his rights to the B.C. Lions after his time in the NFL. But who is this six-foot eight giant from Lasalle in Montreal who fell into the football cauldron at a very young age?

A pro in renovations…

In his spare time, he enjoys renovating his triplex located in Longueuil he bought a few years ago. “When I played for the Lions, I lived in Vancouver so I didn’t mind renting an apartment in British Columbia knowing that someone in Montreal was paying my mortgage. I did it for the investment, it’s getting paid all on its own, so it’s a logical choice.”

The mighty lineman loves spending time there alone or with friends who help him work on his renovation projects. Whether it’s floor repairs, refining French drains, painting, or laying asphalt, David does everything he can to make his investment profitable and keep his tenants happy.

“I have a lot of fun revamping my triplex, I get to make my home more beautiful and functional, and my tenants are pleased about it, so it is an extra motivation.”

Passion for IT…

David is also a big fan of multimedia, a subject he studied at Cégep Édouard Montpetit. He pursued his studies in the same field at Université de Montréal where he worked towards a degree in industrial design. In the past, he has created websites for companies and made computer programs to simplify things for his customers. He had to stop this work during his years in Carolina with the Panthers, due to a lack of time.

“I’ve loved computers ever since I was a little kid. I know a lot about it, so I made a living out of it before I went to play in the United States.”

Plays in the stock market…

David has also discovered another field for which he is very passionate: the stock market. He buys and sells stocks regularly. “I read a lot about it in the past to really understand how it works. In one day, you can lose money or earn money, but it’s very interesting to read about companies and the financial world. Based on the present, we are trying to see what will happen and which areas will stand out.” He explains that you have to be a good strategist and have good logic to do well in this sphere.

A big heart…

For nearly 20 years, Foucault has been a volunteer for Jeunesse au Soleil. That is where he got his first job at the age of 14.

“I make Christmas baskets and I have been involved with La Guignolée des médias since I was a child. My uncle shared his passion with me at a very young age and I’ve made it a habit. I had a good childhood and if I can help others enjoy great moments, I think it’s super important.”

There is no shortage of projects for the 32-year-old offensive lineman. With all these passions, does he find time to work out? “My girlfriend (Caroline Ciot) supervises me. She is a kinesiologist. She prepares my programs and coaches me on a regular basis,” David laughs.

His girlfriend is used to busy schedules. She is a professional golfer, not far from reaching the LPGA. She travels a lot, and also has to eat healthily and stay in shape.

“I have always eaten well so it is not difficult for me to maintain good eating habits. If I cheat, Caroline brings me back on the right path.”

Standing at six feet and eight inches tall, David is fearful when his five foot two girlfriend gives him his workout of the day!